Kapital Super Dry Smiley Socks

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These Kapital smiley socks sport a double-eyed smiley on the heel. They're stretchy with arch support and a comfortable fit, plus they dry nice and fast.

Made of

94% Polyester, 6% Polyurethane


One size fits most

Made by

Made in Japan by Kapital

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Kapital, formed in 1984 in Kojima Japan, has become a cult-favorite State side, bringing their quirky east-meets-west sensibility to classic design.

They focus on traditional techniques to treat, alter and enhance their textiles, resulting in memorable high quality essentials.

Kapital designer Kiro Hirata seated on a couch with some kapital brand textiles behind and underneath him
Kapital blue kasuri patterned fleece pants, shown laying flat.

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