Hannah Keefe

Chain Maze Bracelet

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Multi-strand chain bracelet with alternating pattern finished with gold solder.

  • The solid gold Hannah Keefe pieces are exclusive to Love Adorned.

14K yellow gold chain and gold solder, gold solder is jewelry grade solder that is an alloy of gold.


Length - 6.5in
Width - 0.25in  


Made in Los Angeles by Hannah Keefe 

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Designed By

Hannah Keefe

Hannah Keefe uses chain and solder in a proprietary process to create pieces inspired from ethnographic textiles, beadwork, and modernist weavings.

She patiently constructs each piece by hand, making each of her pieces a true work of art.

portrait of jewelry designer hannah keefe in studio with another woman examining a necklace
Juggler Chain Necklace

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