Gigi Clozeau

Resin Eye Bracelet

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A symbol of protection, the evil eye is commonly worn to ward off harm.

Yellow gold bracelet dipped in white resin, to create a beaded effect. In the middle is an eye charm with a blue resin iris.

Made of

18k yellow gold


Bracelet - 6.75in long with an extra jump ring to make it 6.5in

Made by

Made in France by Gigi Clozeau

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Designed By

Gigi Clozeau

Gigi Clozeau creates pieces in 18k gold, diamonds, and a lacquer chosen for its shine and quality.

This high-end resin offers a rich variety of colors. The artisanal application of this wonderful material onto yellow, rose, and white gold chain is an art that is the result of an entire team; a technique developed by Gigi's father, Alain Clozeau.

studio portrait of jewelry designer Gigi Clozeau wearing a navy tank top and several necklaces of her own design
Supreme Heart necklace in rose gold with copper resin.

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