With so much talk of authenticity these days, you would think that it would be easy to find. But as the world becomes a homogeneous society, originality and unique perspective has become an increasingly rare commodity, even in New York City. With upwards of 35% of storefronts unoccupied in downtown NYC due to unrealistic asks, it’s had a serious impact not only on the hopeful, creative entrepreneur but on the intrinsic originality that has always been a hallmark of this city.

Lucien in the East Village is one of those disappearing places that the truly cool still cluster. An international crowd of all ages and persuasions, bound together by a synergy that's effervescent. It's way deeper than 'see or be seen'. It's a celebration of individuality and hedonism that speaks to a lightness of being. I’m not concerned that giving away the secret that will ruin it. Because like all ‘real’ old New York places, you got to be real or you’ll be spit out.

And oh yeah, I love French food (all served by the hotties in these pics) ❤️

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