With so much talk of authenticity these days, you would think that it would be easy to find. But as the world becomes a homogeneous society, originality and unique perspective has become an increasingly rare commodity, even in New York City. With upwards of 35% of storefronts unoccupied in downtown NYC due to unrealistic asks, it’s had a serious impact not only on the hopeful, creative entrepreneur but on the intrinsic originality that has always been a hallmark of this city.

Lucien in the East Village is one of those disappearing places that the truly cool still cluster. An international crowd of all ages and persuasions, bound together by a synergy that's effervescent. It's way deeper than 'see or be seen'. It's a celebration of individuality and hedonism that speaks to a lightness of being. I’m not concerned that giving away the secret that will ruin it. Because like all ‘real’ old New York places, you got to be real or you’ll be spit out.
And oh yeah, I love French food (all served by the hotties in these pics)

straight on view of yellow gold margaret cross spider ring featuring a center cut brilliant diamond as the spiders body with legs extending from the diamonds bezel and wrapping around to form a simple band

Diamond Spider Ring

A spider with a brilliant cut diamond body, representing growth and power, and creating an alternative engagement ring for the one of a kind bride.

a front view of a yellow gold ring, with a row of diamonds and the furthest right diamond set in a higher separate setting

Floating Diamond Ring

From the 1980s, by long time jewelry designer Jose Hess, this ring has 7 brilliant cut diamonds.

straight on view of a marian maurer yellow gold white diamond eternity band with 1mm white diamonds wrapping around the band

1mm Diamond Eternity Band

Yellow gold eternity band with white diamonds.

Front view of a thin yellow gold band with a pear shaped diamond set sideways on the thin band.

Pear Diamond Ring

Thin yellow gold ring with pear shaped diamond with brushed finish.

Lunar Eclipse Earrings

Lunar Eclipse Earrings

A classic and timeless Anthony Lent moonface is surrounded by opals, moonstones and diamond accents, for interpretive 'lunar eclipse' earrings.

two silver earring with a number of chains hanging down. the top half is a solid triangle and the bottom half alternates between long and short strands to make a triangle shape at the bottom as well.

Chain Tent Earrings

Sterling silver hook earrings with silver solder diamonds and loose multi-strand chains. 

Close up birds eye view of gold disc pendant with Aries ram zodiac symbol on yellow gold chain

Astrological Zodiac Necklace

Each of these disc pendants features a hand carved and cast astrological symbol. With an ancient style design, these medallions are timeless and classic

Long Squares Necklace

Long Squares Necklace

Long 14K yellow gold multi chain necklace with alternating pattern of squares finished with gold solder. 

Far out birds eye view of an oxidized sterling silver chain necklace with five eight point matte finished yellow gold stars.

Long Sterling Silver Five Gold Star Necklace

Oxidized sterling silver chain necklace with five eight point matte finished yellow gold stars. 

Close of of yellow gold chain necklace with gray resin beads

Resin Beaded Necklace - 16 Inch

Thin 18k yellow gold chain necklace with resin beads. Each necklace is hand dipped in melted resin to create the beaded effect. 

cropped view of a gigi clozeau necklace made of lapis blue resin beads spaced evenly apart on a 18k yellow gold chain

Resin Beaded Necklace - 18 Inch

Thin yellow gold chain necklace with resin beads. Each necklace is hand dipped in melted resin to create the beaded effect.