Fraser Hamilton

Using the body as a landscape, Fraser Hamilton creates tableaux of collapsed monuments, remnants of antiquity, & roughly hewn statues.

By playing with connotations of material and scale, fragments of history are transformed into personal totems and jewelry is given a sculptural life.

A 14k yellow gold necklace by Fraser Hamilton with a cushion cut diamond set in his signature hand setting, shown hanging.

Double Hand Diamond Necklace

A pendant with two hands holding a cushion cut diamond on a oval cable chain.

14k yellow gold ring by Fraser Hamilton with one round yellow sapphire, one kite shaped blue sapphire, and one pink pear shaped sapphire wrapped in gold, shown from the front.

Gold Wrapped Three Sapphire Ring

Three sapphires wrapped in yellow gold; one yellow, one pink, and one blue.

14k yellow gold ring by Fraser Hamilton with one pear shaped brown sapphire and one blue pear shaped sapphire wrapped in gold, shown from the front.

Double Pear Sapphire Ring

Two pear shaped sapphires wrapped in one if Fraser Hamilton's signature settings.

14k yellow gold ring with round dark green sapphire wrapped in gold by Fraser Hamilton, shown from the front.

Sapphire Traveler Ring

A simple ring with a deep dark green sapphire bound to the top by strands of yellow gold.

Sterling silver textured oval signet by Fraser Hamilton, shown from the front.

Oval Signet Ring

Fraser Hamilton creates a ring by carving the jewelry directly out of a single piece of wax. What results is a sculptural piece, like this textured signet ring, appearing almost excavated from the floor of the ocean.

yellow gold band ring with diamonds along the band between wraps of gold

Wrapped Band Ring

A ring that, at first, appears to be a simple band, is made intricate with wrapped strips of gold, and diamonds set intermittently across the band. 

front view of wrapped pink sapphire ring

Bound Sapphire Ring

Using four padparadscha sapphires (a Sinhalese word for salmon colored lotus blossom) of different shades of orangey pink, this ring emphasizes the natural variance in stones.

close up of hand pointing to blue sapphire on a long chain

Pointer Sapphire Necklace

An intricate sculptural hand is surrounded by wrapped yellow gold. Its finger points, directing the eye, to the small blue sapphire at the tip of the pendant.

front view long signet style ring in gold with a orange sapphire in the middle and a diamond on either side of it

Sapphire & Diamond Debris Ring

Hand carved in wax, then set with stones, this signet style ring is a modern take on a classic.

front view of a yellow gold ring with a ruby wrapped in yellow gold on a flat signet band.

Ruby Woven Ring

A band of woven gold is formed into a signet shape, and finished with a rough ruby wedged into the weave.

Hand Drop Earrings

Hand Drop Earrings

Two gold hand carved hands, one on each earring, dangle with their palms facing forward. 

blue sapphire center stone is wrapped in yellow gold in a handmade ring

Sapphire Bandages Ring

A bright blue sapphire is wrapped in layers of yellow gold that are banded together to create a ring.