Fraser Hamilton

Equip Signet Ring

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A textured sterling silver signet ring features a yellow gold hand at its center.

Made of

Sterling silver
14k yellow gold


Size - 8
Face of ring - 12mm W x 15mm L

Made by

Made in London by Fraser Hamilton

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Designed By

Fraser Hamilton

Using the body as a landscape, Fraser Hamilton creates tableaux of collapsed monuments, remnants of antiquity, & roughly hewn statues.

By playing with connotations of material and scale, fragments of history are transformed into personal totems and jewelry is given a sculptural life.

portrait of jewelry designer fraser hamilton smiling in apron at his bench in bright light
Gold Wrapped Ruby Heart Studs

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Gold Wrapped Ruby Heart Studs

Gold Wrapped Ruby Heart Studs

A pair of ruby hearts wrapped in gold ribbons.

A sterling silver rectangular signet ring with a yellow gold hand at the bottom right corner and a dotted wavy path marked across the front, shown from the front.

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A sterling silver signet ring with a trail dotted around it with a yellow gold hand signaling which way to go.

Pink Sapphire Faze Ring

Pink Sapphire Faze Ring

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