Mad et Len

Mad et Len Candle - Figure Noire

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The scent of dusk under a fig tree.

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Made of

Natural oils and vegetable wax


3in x 3.25in, 10.5oz
65 hour burn time

Made by

Made in France by Mad et Len

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Designed By

Mad et Len

Founded in the French Alps 2007 by Sandra Fuzier and Alexandre Piffaut.

Mad et Len's objects and fragrances are designed to encapsulate the scents from past experiences.

Sandra and Alexandre pride themselves on using only the finest organic and vegan ingredients, and adhering to traditional French manufacturing methods. All of MAD et LEN's scents come packaged in hand forged iron vessels.

A group of Mad et Len candles on a shelf
Mad et Len Candle - Figure Noire

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