Big Crescent Moon Stud

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This earring is a larger moon, with a more rounded shape than the small moon by Manon.

The moon shape is pretty and delicate, the perfect stud to mix and match.

  • Sold as single earring, please add two to your cart for a pair.

14K yellow gold 


Size - .23in 


Handmade in New York by Manon 

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14k Yellow Gold

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14k Rose Gold (+$5)

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Manon Jewelry was born from the pure energy of the earth's core.

Inspired by stillness and sculpted from the elements of fire, earth, air, water and ether.

She creates sexy silhouettes and stirring amulets of alchemy for modern day warriors to decorate themselves.

portrait of jewelry designer Manon von Gerkan smiling in the sun wearing several necklaces and bracelets stacked
14k yellow gold crescent moon stud earring by Manon, shown from the front.

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