Spring Reset

birds eye view of our gansai tambi watercolor set showing a grid of  4 columns and 9 rows of watercolor pans arranged in rainbow order. pictured in packaging with brand note obscuring most of the last 3 rows

Watercolor Paint Set

36 pan, highly pigmented and creamy watercolors sit together in a lidded box, this Japanese paint set acts a bit more like gouache and includes 3 metallics.

A multicolor paper starburst garland, shown from above.

Origami Starburst Garland

This paper starburst garland is perfect for brightening up mantels, railings or tables.

Everyday Watercolor

Everyday Watercolor

A paint-every-day watercolor guide for beginners that explores foundational strokes and patterns, then helps you build new skills over the course of 30 days to create finished pieces.

Window Rainbow Sun Catcher

Window Rainbow Sun Catcher

Put this up in your window, find a nice sunny corner and get cozy, then soak up some vitamin D and rainbows.

Rainbow front cover of Becoming Invisible

Becoming Invisible

A delightful pocket guide to becoming invisible through meditations on color, this beautiful little book offers occult instructions for becoming invisible by meditating on the color spectrum.

Flower Color Guide

Flower Color Guide

Created by New York floral design duo Putnam and Putnam, this book is your reference guide to 400 types of flowers, organized by color. A perfect place to start when beginning an arrangement, this is like a Pantone book for flowers.

Photo of Rituel Sacred Serum

Rituel Serum

This is made for people that want to keep their skincare regimen as simple as possible.

Photo of Rituel face mist.

Rituel Face Mist

This face mist delivers a deep dose of hydration and leaves you with glowing, plumped, softened skin.

A group of five blessing stones.

Woven Grass Blessing Stone

A blessing stone is meant to be given for a house warming, wedding or new chapter in ones life.

Front cover of Daily Stoic book

The Daily Stoic

This leather bound copy of The Daily Stoic is host to 366 days of daily insights and exercises featuring quotations, anecdotes, and commentary from Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus and many more.

Photo of Studio Cue 3rd Eye Love Meditation Mist

Third Eye Love Meditation Mist

This crisp woodsy mist uses eucalyptus and peppermint oils in balance with Hiba wood oil to help ground you as you sit down to meditate.

angle view of black pyramid stone

Shungite Pyramid for EMF Protection

Shungite is a stone consisting of almost 98% carbon. It attenuates electromagnetic emissions from electrical grids, cell phones, Wi-Fi — transforming harmful manmade EMFs into wave forms that are more compatible with our biology. 

Japanese Shukin gauze hand towel, half blue and half gray.

Shukin Gauze Towel

A fast drying, Japanese cotton gauze face towel. Perfect for use while traveling.

Bar soap made from locally wildcrafted pine and charcoal to help refresh and purify.

Pine & Charcoal Soap

Made from locally wildcrafted pine and charcoal to help refresh and purify.

Photo of Studio Cue Hiba Atmosphere Mist

Hiba Atmosphere Mist

A simple mixture of distilled water and premium Aomori Hiba essential oil.

Hand Dyed Silk Pillowcase

Hand Dyed Silk Pillowcase

These silk pillowcases, hand dyed in NYC, bridge the gap between beauty and wellness.

Photo of Studio Cue's Hiba Dog Mist.

Hiba Mist for Dogs

Drawing upon veterinary aromatherapy, this mist combines frankincense and hiba oil to help refresh your pup!

Front cover of One Line a Day journal book.

One Line A Day Journal

Journaling doesn't need to be formal or time consuming! Use this book to jot down thoughts, ideas, or random notes each day of the year for the next five years.

Nucifera's The Stick, shown closed.

Nucifera Stick

Made with plant-based oils and candelilla wax, this is your new go-to balm; use it on your lips, to soothe dry skin, condition tattoos and more!

Plant Food & Bio-Insecticide

Plant Food & Bio-Insecticide

Not your ordinary plant products!

Say Do It card game in its packaging

Say Do It

A truth or dare card game for the conscious gamer.

Foria CBD Intimacy Sex Oil shown with the bottle standing next to the box.

CBD Intimacy Sex Oil

Designed for everyone, this lube is a bedroom must-have.

A group of lemurian quartz spheres in hands.

Lemurian Quartz Sphere

Lemurian quartz is a special variety of clear quartz that exhibits ladder-like horizontal striations and grooves, found in Colombia and Brazil.

Front cover of The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible book.

The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible

A 40 step guide with photographic instructions to growing these magic mushrooms.

One Cup Tea Infuser

One Cup Tea Infuser

Brewing one cup of tea at a time gives you the greatest control over the consistency of flavor.

Round beechwood dry brush, shown from the front.

Beechwood Dry Brush

Lymphatic drainage brush with horse hair bristles, will make your skin smooth and aid in detoxification by stimulating blood circulation.