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A vintage silver pendant of a couple enjoying a bit of TLC.

Sex Pendant

A vintage silver pendant of a couple enjoying a bit of TLC.

A special, square, speckled ashtray from Italy.

Murano Aventurine Ashtray

A special, square, speckled ashtray from Italy.

Lola James Harper's Blitz Motorcycles candle, shown out of the box.

Lola James Harper Candle

Lola James Harper candles are created by French candlemaker Rami Mekdachi, who develops his scents from memories of his favorite places.

A matte green ceramic sake set from Sweden, complete with bottle, tray, and six cups.

Mid Century Decanter Set

A matte green ceramic liqueur decanter set from Sweden, complete with bottle, tray, and six cups.

A button down quilted patchwork bandana jacket, shown laying flat in the light blue colorway.

Kapital Quilted Bandana Patchwork Jacket

A quilted bandana patchwork jacket with a satin lining. The patchwork pattern on each jacket varies.

Close up birds eye view of concave yellow gold bar set with seven diamonds on a yellow gold chain, curved to emulate appearance on neck.

Concave Diamond Bar Necklace

A small concave bar is set with seven diamonds. Simple and elegant, this is a piece meant to be worn everyday.

front view of the block candle

Mad et Len Block Candle - Terre Noire

This double wicked block candle is woodsy, rich with humus soil, and minerals. 

Black easy draining soap dish.

Easy Draining Soap Dish

No one likes mushy soap or a mildewy sponge. Boom, problem solved.

A group of three black jars with globe lids, shown from the front.

Black Ceramic Stash Jar

These lidded canisters come in several sizes and make a lovely set or individual containers are perfect for anything from cookies to q-tips.

three brass plant sticks side by side on a white background, each one is bent into a different shape

Brass Plant Sticks

Three brass sticks, with different bent shapes. A stylish solution to help hold up and assist your plants' growth. 

close up of pendant hanging

Sliding Gravitas Necklace

An unusual necklace, in the style of a lariat, with a long bar that can be pulled down to hang lower and tighten the top.

photo of the book A Garden Can By Anywhere by Lauri Kranz and Dean Kuipers

A Garden Can Be Anywhere

Do you have a fire escape? Thought so…Secrets shared for planning, planting, growing and maintaining an edible garden, no matter the setting or size of your plot.

A stoneware salad bowl with a raw exterior and white glazed interior, shown from the side.

Stoneware Salad Bowl

Designed tall instead of wide, this bowl is both light weight and spacious.

A heavy, segmented, nearly liquid gold bracelet.

Multi Strand Gold Bracelet

A heavy, segmented, nearly liquid gold bracelet.

Brass Cube Incense Holder

Brass Cube Incense Holder

A solid, textured, brass cube in your choice of gold or silver.

Elena Stonaker Hand Painted Jacket

Elena Stonaker Hand Painted Jacket

A vintage Christian Lacroix Bazaar quilted leather jacket, hand painted by Los Angeles based artist Elena Stonaker.

Star Crossed Chain Earrings

Star Crossed Chain Earrings

Sections of gold chains punctuated by silver crosses.

simple stripe bracelet made of yellow gold

Stripe Bracelet

A simple and sturdy yellow gold bracelet, perfect as a main piece to layer smaller bracelets with.

Handmade Ceramic Clock

Handmade Ceramic Clock

This handmade earthenware clock with brass hands is a fun yet subtle addition to any wall. 

Group image of all sizes of the ceramic stash jars in a cluster.

Ivory Ceramic Stash Jar

These lidded canisters come in several sizes and make a lovely set or individual containers that are perfect for anything from cookies to q-tips.

A group of off-white and dark brown peace hand sculptures, shown from the front.

Peace Hand Sculpture

Hand formed, raw fire stoneware hand. Peace to all!

Long Arco Chain Stud

Long Arco Chain Stud

Two skinny box chains curved over a post. Perfect for a party.

overhead view of the utensils stacked next to the silicone case

Portable Utensil Set

This “on the go” steel utensil set stays safe in a silicone case. It makes it way less of a thing when Seamless forgets to add utensils.

Front cover of Daily Stoic book

The Daily Stoic

This leather bound copy of The Daily Stoic is host to 366 days of daily insights and exercises featuring quotations, anecdotes, and commentary from Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus and many more.

Four beeswax candles, two blue and two gray, standing in alternating colors.

Beeswax Fluted Pillar Candle

Hand poured beeswax fluted pillar candles in rich hues of blue and gray.

Organizer Tray

Organizer Tray

In all our years of hunting down the best handmade pottery, we’ve never come across a thing like this.

gold hair clip that is long and large, to fit all the hair on ones head into it when wrapped up

Gold Metal Hair Clip

No need to keep buying those breakable plastic hair clips anymore! Reduce your carbon footprint with this sleek metal option.

A pocket-size titanium canister shown with its lid off and toothpicks spilling out.

Keyring Stash Box

A narrow stash canister that you can hang from your keys or bag.

14k yellow gold bar stud earring with five white diamonds by Selin Kent, shown from the front.

Diamond Mini Charlotte Earring

A single gold bar and white diamond stud. Called the "Mini Charlotte" earring by Selin Kent.