front view of rose gold and diamond earring
side view of rose gold and diamond earring
image of two backings one gold and one titanium standing

Rose Gold Diamond Earring


This white brilliant diamond set in a bezel is 'threadless.' Threadless body jewelry involves a decorative front and a separate post (or 'backing'), that goes through the ear. The two pieces are held together through a tension fit. The post is fit to your anatomy, allowing for comfortable and long term wear. All body jewelry is final sale. 

*price is for just the decorative front - if you need an ear post to complete the earring, gold starts at $160, titanium starts at $15. If you need a post we recommend visiting a reputable piercer to be measured. Or, if you've been pierced by us before, please contact us to see if we have your measurements on file.

•14k rose gold
•2mm diamond

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