Mosaic Sapphire Letter Pendant
three sapphire letters with yellow gold jump rings on the corner. an a in green, an i in pink and a y in mixed
Mosaic Sapphire Letter Pendant
Mosaic Sapphire Letter Pendant
a letter L on a chain. the l is covered in sapphires of mixed colors and tiny diamonds between the sapphires
on a 16 inch chain, the letter L is made of green sapphires. far away view showing how big the letter is compared to the chain.
on a 16 inch chain, the letter L is made of green sapphires. the view is close up and on an angle.
Mosaic Sapphire Letter Pendant

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Mosaic Sapphire Letter Pendant


Made up of a mosaic of free form sapphires, these letter pendants are the perfect way to wear your own letter, or the letter of a loved one. 

*The letters listed below are in stock, all other letters are available for a special order and take 4-6 weeks for delivery. Email to place an order*


14K yellow gold 


Green, pink and mixed sapphires, diamonds  

Pendant - 5/8in x 1/2in 

Optional chain – 16in, with 14in alternate jump ring


Made in Los Angeles by ERA

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