rectangular packaging of indigo & shibori is a navy base with white lettering and white and navy ink designs
birds eye view of the indigo dye kit ingredients including several small bags of pigment and activation and setting agents, twine, and instructional guide
stylized shot of indigo & shibori natural dye kit packaging with gloves and a few pieces of indigo dyed fabric

Indigo & Shibori: Natural Dye Kit


Natural indigo dye kit includes everything you need to hand make dyed indigo patterns on any plant-based fabric. 

•Includes: Naturally derived indigo pigment, activation and setting agents, and necessary items to create natural dyed indigo fabrics.
•Dyes up to 5 lbs of fabric or a dozen garments depending on coverage and shade.
•For best results use plant-based fabrics.
•Dye can be used for weeks, just stir and revisit.

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