2 ounce bottle of RTH vintage perfume peaking out of its leather carrying case
2 ounce glass bottle of RTH vintage perfume with gold cap uncapped to expose spritzer top
tan leather carrying bag for perfume wrapped into a rectangular shape with center leather tie wrapped around to secure with a bow
birds eye shot of unrolled rectangular leather carrying case with leather ties undone
2 ounce glass bottle of warm honey colored RTH vintage perfume picture next to its leather carrying case with bow tied around center

RTH Vintage Scent with Leather Case


RTH Vintage Perfume is a proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils and other natural fragrances. Made in California, it contains notes of cedar and palo santo. Due to its natural properties it will blend and wear differently on everyone, creating a personalized scent. It's calming, energizing and grounding. 

Use care when using on leather or delicate fabrics
Size- 2 oz.
•Made in California by RTH

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