Juxtaposed Sapphire Earring

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A classic circle stud has a white diamond and a blue sapphire set side by side.


10k yellow gold
Diamond and sapphire


Diameter - 5mm 


Made in Brooklyn by Scosha 

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Designed By


Being an avid traveler, Scosha draws her inspiration from the cultures she has observed on her expeditions through the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and South America.

Her continued exploration of cultures, colors, and the bond of community has remained key in the communication of her brand. It is her deeply personal approach to design that continues to inform all of her pieces, giving them a sense of wonder, beauty, and timelessness. Created in Brooklyn.

portrait of jewelry designer scosha in peach blouse
close up of necklace with five dangles, three bars, an x and an o.

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