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Prima Materia - Sigil Scents


In ancient times, prima materia referred to the formless root of all matter—a blend of stars and soil from which all things emerge, and an essential component in the alchemy of turning base materials into gold.
Uniting the earthly and the heavenly, Prima Materia is a scent rooted in soot yet elevated by sparkling notes of fresh citrus. The creamy sweetness of neroli and the cleansing power of white sage embody celestial matter, while oakmoss and woody vetiver signify the spirit of the soil. As it melts into the skin, the alchemy of the scent begins—revealing a golden, resinous heart of pure amber.

•Key notes: Vetiver, oakmoss, neroli, white sage
•1 fl oz (30 ml)
Made in New York by Sigil Scent founder Patrick Kelly

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