Sterling Silver Bicycle Box

Sterling Silver Bicycle Box

A small box to carry precious treasures.

Sterling Silver Book Box

Sterling Silver Book Box

A tiny sterling silver book shaped box, perfect for stashing small bits.

Sterling Silver Mickey Mouse Mug

Sterling Silver Mickey Mouse Mug

From the 1930s, this collectible mug shows Mickey riding Horace Horsecollar.

Birds eye layflat view of oxidized sterling silver chain necklace with three eight point matte finished yellow gold stars with clasp closed

Sterling Silver Three Gold Star Necklace

Oxidized sterling silver chain necklace with three eight point matte finished yellow gold stars. 

An open Zippo lighter with a layer of turquoise blue speckled Shattukite stone on one side.

Stone Lighter

Zippo lighters with a layer of stone atop them.

stone match striker that is light grey with matches in a hole on the top

Stone Match Striker

A natural stone, flattened on the bottom, with a drilled hole on the top makes for a great surface for a strike anywhere match.

Large white stoneware berry bowl

Stoneware Berry Bowl

A stoneware bowl, with holes throughout. Meant to be used for berries or other fruit.

Three stoneware nerikomi brown and white striped bowl shown stacked inside one another from above.

Stoneware Nerikomi Bowl

Handmade using layers of white and brown stoneware clay, no two of these nerikomi bowls are the same!

Stoneware Nesting Bowls

Stoneware Nesting Bowls

A set of five bowls with a white speckled interior in a range of sizes, perfect for all of your food prep and serving needs.

Stoneware Salad Bowl

Stoneware Salad Bowl

Designed tall instead of wide, this bowl is both light weight and spacious.

Blue stoneware salad dresser, shown from the side.

Stoneware Salad Dresser

A beautiful stoneware bowl, with a spout. Perfect for mixing and pouring salad dressings or sauces.

White stoneware spoon rest shown with black spoon.

Stoneware Spoon Rest

Simplicity at its finest!

simple stripe bracelet made of yellow gold

Stripe Bracelet

A simple and sturdy yellow gold bracelet, perfect as a main piece to layer smaller bracelets with.

Black Suicoke Cel-V sandals, shown from the front.

Suicoke Sandals

Japanese label Suicoke’s functional approach to footwear is characterized by these black Cel-V sandals. They feature wide practical velcro straps and sit on Vibram sole.

Black Suicoke Moto-VS sandals, shown from front.

Suicoke Sandals

Suicoke's Moto-VS slides are a nod to the label's performance based ethos. The suede slip-on sandals have an open toe and twin adjustable velcro straps.

Sun Dish

Sun Dish

This mid century Mexican mixed metal dish has a smiling sun at its center.

Sun Zodiac Pendant

Sun Zodiac Pendant

All of the zodiac symbols surround the sun on this bright gold medal pendant.

Sunflower Earrings

Sunflower Earrings

A sunny pair of diamond drop earrings with sapphire, tanzanite, and kyanite petals.

hoop earrings with long chains hanging from them

Sunrise Hoops

Incredible show stopping earrings, made of a series of long silver chains, soldered into a hoop shape.

Supreme Diamond Necklace

Supreme Diamond Necklace

A classic Gigi Clozeau necklace with a single diamond charm.

Supreme Heart necklace in rose gold with copper resin.

Supreme Heart Necklace

A sparkling gold chain necklace with resin drops and a heart pendant line with white diamonds.

Susanne Spiral Earring

Susanne Spiral Earring

A semi circular spiral stud with a white diamond at its center.

a yellow gold ring with an open front. each side of the opening has a vertical line with three baguette diamonds. the band of the ring is actually three thinner bands that are evenly apart and attached to the bars in the front.

Table One Ring

Open face ring with three thin yellow gold bands connected by channel set diamond baguettes set in yellow gold with a brushed finish.

Taeda Earring

Taeda Earring

A little jewel-tone insect made up of tourmalines and diamonds.

above view of dark wood measuring spoons side by side with the writing etched into the handles

Teak Wood Measuring Spoons

Made of smooth dark teak wood this set of measuring spoons is beautiful and functional. These will look nice hanging on a wall and 

Teardrop Ashtray

Teardrop Ashtray

This vintage footed dish is made of Mexican "metales casados" or mixed metals, rendered in an eye-catching geometric pattern.

Teeny Hoop Earring

Teeny Hoop Earring

This little hoop is simple and easy to wear every day. It's a little larger than snug; meaning it will not touch the ear lobe, but rather hang slightly below. Because gold does not like to be bent over and over again, we suggest leaving this hoop in when sleeping, and making sure to open the piece by twisting sideways rather than pulling straight open.  This hoop is not meant for cartilage piercings Single earring! For a pair, add two to your cart. MADE OF 14K yellow gold 

18k yellow gold teeny sea anemone ring with pink sapphires, orange sapphires, and diamonds by Kimberlin Brown, shown from the front.

Teeny Sea Anemone Ring

One of Kimberlin Brown's signature sea anemones sits atop this ring with bezel set sapphires and a diamond.

Rose gold bar earrings with five diamonds in mixed shades of brown.

Terra Incognita Bar Earring

Rhodium plated rose gold with five pavé diamonds of varying shades of gray, light and dark champagne.

straight on view of a rose gold eternity band from designer selin kent featuring champagne and grey diamonds in varying shades

Terra Incognita Eternity Band

Rose gold eternity band features champagne and grey diamonds in varying shades.

Black terry cloth bucket hat with side pocket

Terry Bucket Hat

A cool, simple terry cloth bucket hat. Made from 100% cotton terry toweling, it's soft, durable, and perfect for beach days.

18k yellow gold Texture ring with diamonds by Aili

Texture Ring with Diamonds

This handcrafted recycled gold ring is perfect for stacking. Its five white diamonds will bring a little bit of sparkle to your everyday pieces.

Textured Glass Ashtray

Textured Glass Ashtray

A heavy, softly textured clear glass ashtray.

Textured Oval Signet Ring

Textured Oval Signet Ring

This textured signet ring appears almost as if excavated from the ocean floor.

front view of card with flowers and a brown envelope

Thank You Flowers Card

Thank you card with sunflowers and large letters saying Thank You. Blank on the inside. Brown envelope.

card with peaches and the words thanks you're a real peach on the front

Thank You Peach Enclosure Card

A cute little card, blank on the inside, perfect to say thank you in a lighthearted way.

Front cover of Daily Stoic book

The Daily Stoic

This leather bound copy of The Daily Stoic is host to 366 days of daily insights and exercises featuring quotations, anecdotes, and commentary from Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus and many more.

Front cover of the Little Love Book.

The Little Love Book

267 nuanced words for love written in the ancient language of Sanskrit.

angle view of the marriage box

The Marriage Box

This box of oversized cards is The School of Life’s guide to the rest of a life together.

Front cover of The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible book.

The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible

A 40 step guide with photographic instructions to growing those magic mushrooms.

18k yellow gold Theo band ring by Aili

Theo Band Ring

A simple band made special by its handcrafted texture. 

Photo of Studio Cue 3rd Eye Love Meditation Mist

Third Eye Love Meditation Mist

This crisp woodsy mist uses eucalyptus and peppermint oils in balance with Hiba wood oil to help ground you as you sit down to meditate.

Three Diamond Forever Ring

Three Diamond Forever Ring

A traditional three stone diamond ring with Ruta Reifen's twist on it.

Three Star Diamond Ring

Three Star Diamond Ring

This ring features three milgrain stars; two platinum and one yellow gold, all dotted with diamonds.

Three Stone Earring Dangle

Three Stone Earring Dangle

An earring dangle comprised of an emerald baguette, princess cut ruby, and sapphire marquis.

Vintage Tiffany & Co. watch chain necklace, shown hanging.

Tiffany & Co. Watch Chain Necklace

Vintage Tiffany & Co. classic dog bone chain necklace.

18k yellow gold Timeless Irregular band ring by Karen Karch

Timeless Irregular Band Ring

Crafted 18k yellow gold, this traditional band is made different by its slightly irregular rounded edge.

Tiny Skull Earring

Tiny Skull Earring

A tiny solid yellow gold skull stud, carved to anatomical perfection by Anthony Lent.