Yellow Gold Tourmaline Briolet Dangle

Yellow Gold Tourmaline Briolet Dangle

This tourmaline briolet is strung onto strands of gold making a cohesive dangle.

a green tourmaline wrapped in a stripe of gold and hanging from a chain

Yellow Gold Tourmaline Chain Dangle

This dangle features a wrapped tourmaline hanging from a chain. This piece is intended to be attached to a seamless ring, turning it into a sparkly custom earring

Yellow Protea

Yellow Protea

These hearty, bright yellow flowers come with five stems per bunch.

Bundle of dried yellow starflower wrapped in brown paper.

Yellow Starflowers

Like tiny daisies, these bright yellow starflowers have long narrow stems. 

greeting card with an orca whale jumping over a moon and the words 'you're killer' in a block font

You're Killer Greeting Card

You're Killer greeting card. Blank on the inside. 

ear jacket shaped like a fan, with two holes for adjusting where the stud attaches.

Zoe Fan Ear Jacket

Frame your ear with a fan of diamonds.

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