Lori Leven

Lori Leven is always inspired to have light play be an integral part of her designs, and to create pieces that can be worn all the time without taking off.

simple stripe bracelet made of yellow gold

Stripe Bracelet

A simple and sturdy yellow gold bracelet, perfect as a main piece to layer smaller bracelets with.

two small c shaped silver earrings with regular straight post backings

Large Yellow Gold C Hoops

These 'C' hoop stud earrings curve under the earlobe for a seamless look.

a flat yellow gold single stud earring of a bar with three circles stacked on top

Balanced Circles on a Bar Stud

A balancing act, this yellow gold stud earring is comprised of three circles, perfectly in tune with a rectangle.

Double Dot Fringe Earrings

Double Dot Fringe Earrings

A pair of semi-circular studs with handmade, shimmery, rose gold fringe.