New York Adorned Piercing

New York Adorned is now full-time at our Elizabeth Street location in NYC, offering precision piercing, jewelry changes, styling, and fine body jewelry. 


To make an appointment online, please visit, or call 212-473-0007. We take appointments Thursday-Monday currently.


We now offer an exclusive collection of body jewelry available for sale on Love Adorned's website, to be put in by appointment at NYA, or by a reputable piercer near you. Our stock is always changing, so please check out our collection online, or get in touch with our team at for specific information. Custom jewelry is also available upon request.

Body jewelry is specifically designed to aid the healing process and differs from ready to wear jewelry (like butterfly back earrings). Threaded and threadless body jewelry consists of customizable, interchangeable parts and comes in many metals, gauges, lengths and diameters. 

Gauge refers to the thickness of the post going through your body piercing. The higher the number, the thinner the post. Normally, even numbers are used as industry standard (20, 18, 16 gauge etc). Ready to wear earring posts are generally 20 gauge. Piercing jewelry used to pierce an earlobe is generally 18 gauge, although other piercings require a thicker gauge in order not to irritate the piercing while healing.

Body jewelry ‘fronts,’ posts, and ‘backings’ are sold separately. If you need an ear post to complete the earring, gold starts at $160, titanium starts at $15. If you need a post we recommend visiting a reputable piercer to be measured. Or, if you’ve been pierced by us before, reach out to us at to see if we have your measurements on file.

Please note that some jewelry (like a seamless ring) is not appropriate for fresh piercings, certain piercings require specific jewelry, and both piercing and jewelry are anatomy-specific.