A heavy sterling silver curb chain bracelet, shown open from above.

Thick Curb Chain Bracelet

A vintage, hefty, sterling silver curb chain bracelet.

A sterling silver twisted bracelet with a hook and eye closure, shown from the front.

Twisted Bangle Bracelet

A twisted silver bracelet with a hook closure.

A wavy silver bracelet with cutout details, shown from the side.

Wavy Hinged Bracelet

A hinged bracelet with a wave motif and cutout details.

A silver cuff bracelet with a chain down the middle, shown from the side.

Chain Cuff Bracelet

A heavy cuff bracelet with a chain down the center.

A close up of the hinge on an oval silver bangle bracelet.

Oval Hinged Bangle Bracelet

A classic, simple bangle bracelet with a hinge closure.

A rounded bangle with a twist motif, shown from the front.

Flat Twist Cuff

A rounded silver cuff bracelet that gives the appearance that it's twisted.

A yellow gold bangle bracelet with a moonface and diamond eyes, shown from the front.

Moonface Bangle Bracelet

A solid gold bangle with a discreet moonface and sparkling diamond eyes.

Open Heart Bracelet

Open Heart Bracelet

A vintage sterling silver bracelet with a hinged opening, featuring open heart connecting two loops.

18k yellow gold City Chain cuff bracelet by Marian Maurer.

City Chain Cuff Bracelet

A hefty, satin-finish cuff bracelet that will live securely on your wrist with its handmade chain link closure.

angled view of yellow gold bracelet with hand carved links

Hand Carved Link Bracelet

Hand carved links join together for a one of a kind bracelet.

woven vine bracelet

Woven Attar Vine Bracelet

Made of vine this woven bracelet has a sterling silver clasp. Simple and perfect for a man who wears a few simple jewelry pieces. 

medium link bracelet of matte gold

Medium City Link Bracelet

A chunky yellow gold bracelet with solid large round links.

simple stripe bracelet made of yellow gold

Stripe Bracelet

A simple and sturdy yellow gold bracelet, perfect as a main piece to layer smaller bracelets with.

Front view of a chunky yellow gold chain bracelet. The links are round and alternate larger and smaller, for a unique but simple look. The clasp is a toggle clasp, keeping it tightly shut when worn.

Small City Link Bracelet

Languorous links of luscious solid gold form this classic bracelet from Marian Mauer. A long tapered clasp lends an elegant energy.

birds eye view of a bracelet made of turquoise resin beads spaced evenly apart on a 18k yellow gold chain

Resin Beaded Bracelet

Thin yellow gold chain bracelet with resin beads. Each piece is hand dipped in melted resin to create the beaded effect.

bracelet made of four matte brushed yellow gold long links

City Bar Link Bracelet

Long bar links of solid gold create a chunky luxurious bracelet. With a toggle clasp, the bracelet is very secure once on, and looks incredible layered with other bracelets and bangles.

Six Point Cuff Bracelt

Six Point Cuff Bracelt

Two yellow gold wire triangles intertwine and round together to form this cuff bracelet. 

overhead angled flatview of a hannah keefe bracelet with 14k yellow gold chain strands soldered together in equal length sections by alternating gold solder opened squares creating a sort of maze of chain and gold solder

Chain Maze Bracelet

Multi-strand chain bracelet with alternating pattern finished with gold solder.