A bamboo monocle on a suede cord; a tool for crystal vision and also a camera lens.

Crystal Monocle

A bamboo monocle on a suede cord; a tool for crystal vision and also a camera lens.

Yamato Indigo shibori dye kit shown open with its contents.

Shibori Dye Kit

This kit includes everything you need to shibori and indigo dye at home. Great for beginners and craft lovers!

A white crescent moon stuffed animal with gray feet and a smiley face, shown from the front.

Jellycat Moon

Look out for leaping cows

Felt garden set shown complete with the wooden base and 24 vegetables.

Felt Garden Set

Let your imagination bloom with this felt vegetable garden.

Felt Bento Box Set shown in its box, without the lid.

Felt Bento Box Set

Create your own sushi restaurant with this set made from Fair Trade felt.

A neon yellow starfish stuffed animal, shown from above.

Big Stuffed Starfish

Textured on one side and fuzzy on the other, this starfish makes a wonderful pillow (and a wonderful friend).

Small Original Whale

Small Original Whale

Take this whale on your next adventure!

Pink Beluga Whale

Pink Beluga Whale

One cuddle is never enough.

Gray Mini Whale

Gray Mini Whale

A squishy best friend with soulful eyes.

Jellycat Ricky Rain Frog

Jellycat Ricky Rain Frog

He's not sad, he's concentrating!

Spinning Rainbow Stick Set

Spinning Rainbow Stick Set

Everyone's favorite spinning rainbow stick, this time with a stand.

Set of six metallic watercolors in earth tones.

Pearlcolor Paints - Earth

Made in Germany, this metallic watercolor set features colors themed like tones of the earth. Use in addition to more opaque colors to create shimmery paintings.

Cognac amber teething necklace, shown laying flat.

Amber Teething Necklace

Made of 100% Baltic amber, a natural stone that is thought to sooth the pain that comes with teething. These child safe necklaces are kid-sized with a screw-together clasp.

photo of a stuffed pretzel doll

Jellycat Pretzel

This pretzel stuffed toy comes from the wildly popular kids brand Jellycat, known for their cute and unusual toys.

Window Rainbow Sun Catcher

Window Rainbow Sun Catcher

Put this up in your window, find a nice sunny corner and get cozy, then soak up some vitamin D and rainbows.