Hocerat creates handcrafted jewelry based on impressions of ancient Near Eastern seals and renderings of pieces of art of classical antiquity.

Each piece Iohann Pita creates intents to convey the mystery, the puzzle and the wonder of our personal memories - remembered or forgotten - but still sleeping somewhere inside of us. To build a jewelry line that is modern and wearable, yet transcends time and civilization.


A yellow gold signet ring with a round blue-green sapphire layered over a round white sapphire, shown from the front.

Layered Sapphire Ring

Two rose cut sapphires; one green and one white, sit atop the face of this signet ring.

A yellow gold signet ring with a gray diamond on the front with a skull emerging from it, shown from the side.

Emerging Skull & Diamond Signet Ring

A hand carved skull pushes its way to the surface of a diamond on this one of a kind ring.

Horned Skull Necklace

Horned Skull Necklace

A hand carved gold skull pendant with gray diamond horns on a longer chain.

Marquis Diamond Signet Ring

Marquis Diamond Signet Ring

A prong set rose cut marquis diamond sits atop this satin-finish signet ring.

Diamond Wrapped Signet Ring

Diamond Wrapped Signet Ring

An oval signet with the face of a roman man, wrapped in rose cut diamonds.

Salt and pepper diamond pendant necklace, shown from the front.

Salt & Pepper Diamond Pendant Necklace

A rose cut salt and pepper diamond set in a hand carved pendant.