Kapital, formed in 1984 in Kojima Japan, has become a cult-favorite State side, bringing their quirky east-meets-west sensibility to classic design.

They focus on traditional techniques to treat, alter and enhance their textiles, resulting in memorable high quality essentials.

Kapital blue kasuri patterned fleece pants, shown laying flat.

Kapital Kasuri Fleece Pants

A pair of cozy fleece pants in a Kasuri pattern, traditionally from Java.

Kapital Skater Socks

Kapital Skater Socks

Knee high socks with Kapital's signature smiley heels.

Kapital Quilted Patchwork Bandana Hoodie

Kapital Quilted Patchwork Bandana Hoodie

A zip-up hooded bandana patterned sweatshirt with quilted fabric on the back.

Kapital Reverse Fleece Jacket

Kapital Reverse Fleece Jacket

Made of soft, thick fleece with snaps.

Kapital 60/40 Beni Ourain Anorak

Kapital 60/40 Beni Ourain Anorak

A half-zip 60/40 pullover jacket made from cotton and nylon to help protect against the elements.

Blue Kapital anorak with blue Sashiko patterned fleece around the shoulders, laying flat.

Kapital 60/40 Sashiko Anorak

A half-zip 60/40 jacket with sashiko patterned fleece around the shoulders.

Fleece jacket with blue kasuri pattern, shown from the front.

Kapital Kasuri Fleece Jacket

This fleece jacket is covered in a Kasuri pattern, traditionally from Java.

Navy blue cotton anorak with Nordic patterned fleece around the shoulders by Kapital.

Kapital Nordic Fleece Anorak - Navy

A half-zip jacket made from chino material with a Nordic pattern fleece around the neck and shoulders.

Kapital rain smile bandana in khaki green.

Kapital Rain Smile Bandana

A large smiley face smiles among a pattern that looks like it's raining. 

Kapital dragonfly bandana black.

Kapital Dragonfly Bandana

This bandana features a dragonfly pattern that sits along the neckline when folded on an angle.

Kapital garden bandana in sax blue.

Kapital Garden Bandana

This bandana combines a classic paisley pattern at its center with a two-tone floral border.

Kapital tuna dance bandana in navy blue.

Kapital Tuna Dance Bandana

A Kapital bandana framed in paisley and dotted with polka dots.

Kapital henna cube bandana in purple.

Kapital Henna Cube Bandana

This bandana features patterns from henna and lace.

Kapital navajo vineyard scarf in red, shown wrapped up.

Kapital Navajo Vineyard Scarf

A compressed wool scarf with Navajo patterns with colorful grapes.

Kapital blue, red, white, patchwork scarf, shown wrapped up.

Kapital Patchwork Quilt Scarf

A patchwork patterned scarf with triangles of red, white, and shades of blue.

Kapital ortega blanket scarf in black, red, blue, shown wrapped up.

Kapital Ortega Blanket Scarf

Kapital's signature compressed wool with an Ortega pattern.

Kapital constellation scarf in black, shown wrapped up.

Kapital Constellation Scarf

A black scarf with yellow and white constellations, accented with silver threads.

Kapital coptic leopard scarf in brown, shown wrapped up.

Kapital Leopard Scarf

A patterned scarf, unique to Kapital, combining leopard and block print.

Kapital cotton ivy smiley socks in blue with orange stripes.

Kapital Cotton Ivy Smiley Socks

Kapital's signature smiley socks in a cozy blend of cotton and hemp.

Kapital see-through arrow socks in brown with orange and pink.

Kapital See-Through Arrow Socks

A pair of semi see-through socks with an arrow feather motif arranged in a herringbone pattern.

Group photo of Kapital bandana heel socks in all colors.

Kapital Bandana Heel Socks

Another fan-favorite from Kapital! These socks feature a bandana motif on the heel.

Kapital quilted denim jacket with button closure and two front pockets, shown laying flat.

Kapital Quilted Denim Samue Jacket

A quilted denim samue jacket with a striped lining.

Kapital Mountain Parka

Kapital Mountain Parka

A coat from fan-favorite Japanese brand Kapital. With drawstrings at the waist and hem, you can adjust the silhouette from an A-line to one that is more voluminous.

A pair of Kapital smiley socks in gray with neon green dots.

Kapital Smiley Dot Socks - Gray

These neon polka dot socks are a fun twist on Kapital's classic smiley socks. Low-calf, these versatile socks work in shoes or around the house.

Kapital amazon lily bandana in black, shown laying flat.

Kapital Amazon Lily Bandana

A traditional style bandana with a border of Amazonian lilies, inspired by those that grow in the Andes!

Kapital smiley hair tie in light blue, shown from above.

Kapital Rain Smiley Hair Tie

Kapital strikes again with their Rain Smiley, this time on a hair tie. Wear this piece to jazz up a ponytail or like a piece of jewelry on your wrist.

Kapital rockwell flower bandana in navy blue, shown laying flat.

Kapital Rockwell Flower Bandana

A traditional style bandana with a pop of red and while flowers, perfect for spring!

Kapital dolphin dance bandana laying flat.

Kapital Dolphin Dance Bandana

This bandana has paisley dolphins dancing about!

Kapital East Meets West banana in red, shown laying flat.

Kapital East Meets West Bandana

This bandana features two overlapping patterns representing the meeting of eastern and western cultures; a traditional paisley bandana and a fan-print sashiko towel.

Kapital Concho bandana in navy, shown laying flat.

Kapital Concho Bandana

A Native American inspired bandana, with pops of turquoise blue and white on a navy blue or black background.

Kapital Kachina bandana in navy, shown laying flat.

Kapital Kachina Bandana

The border of this bandana features rows of kachinas around a traditional bandana pattern.

Kapital leopard see-through socks shown in all colors.

Kapital Leopard See-Through Socks

Combining see-through plaid with opaque leopard, these socks look different from every angle!

Kapital Super Dry Smiley socks shown in all colors.

Kapital Super Dry Smiley Socks

These Kapital smiley socks sport a double-eyed smiley on the heel. They're stretchy with arch support and a comfortable fit, plus they dry nice and fast.

Kapital patchwork bandana, shown laying flat.

Kapital Patchwork Bandana

A bandana with a patchwork print with bits of denim and traditional bandanas 

Kapital wool smiley socks in white

Kapital Wool Smiley Socks - White

These socks are the socks. Mid-calf and mid-weight, these versatile socks work in shoes or around the house. 

Photo of Kapital Damask socks

Kapital Damask Socks

Woven with a beautiful damask pattern and a swipe of purple on the back, these socks are lightweight, hit mid-calf and are comfortable in shoes or around the house.

Kapital smiley dot socks in navy with neon green dots

Kapital Smiley Dot Socks - Navy

These neon-colored polka dot socks are a fun twist on the classic smiley socks from cult-favorite brand Kapital.

Kapital cotton smiley socks in navy

Kapital Cotton Smiley Socks - Navy

These socks are the socks. A lightweight version of everyone's go-to socks from cult-favorite brand Kapital make each day more fun with a bright yellow smiley face design on heel.

navy blue socks with a blue toe and top, and a bright yellow heel accented with a smiley face

Kapital Wool Smiley Socks - Navy

These socks are the socks.