Danyell Roscoe's fascination with gems began as a young child, collecting rocks and stones.

She uses classic, modern, and ancient design concepts tp create pieces that aim to be delicate, yet with a sort of strength. Each piece is handmade in Brooklyn, NY.


Diamond Pisa Ring

Diamond Pisa Ring

A simple yellow gold ring, with a teardrop shaped charm accented with diamonds. Perfect to stack with other bands, for a layered look. 

front view of a simple ring with a round flat face. the face has a diamond in the middle and a line cut out above the diamond. the band is thinner than the front.

Celah Diamond Ring

A signet ring featuring a light grey diamond, with a slice in the face, for design. Simple but classic.

Small Lua Hoop Earrings

Small Lua Hoop Earrings

Little huggie earrings with a rounded bottom, for a simple everyday look.

Front view of a simple and matte ring with an open front. The front pieces are more bulbous than the band.

Aziza Ring

A simple open band ring, to wear on its own, or in a stack. The size is slightly adjustable, but it is not recommended to bend the ring more than one time, as it weakens the gold.

Layla Single Studs

Layla Single Studs

The 'Layla' style stud looks like a butterfly wing; colorful and asymmetrical. In your choice of stone this beautiful stud is sold a single. Pair it with another stone, or with a different earring in your collection.

an open yellow gold ring from the front. the ends of the opening each have two red rubies set into it and is slightly bulbous.

Gemstone Aziza Ring

These open band rings are the perfect way to break up a stack of eternity bands. The rounded edges slightly resemble snake heads, and are set with four stones of your choice. The size is slightly adjustable, but it is not recommended to bend the ring more than one time, as it weakens the gold.

front view of simple 10k yellow gold band with four asymmetrical diamonds stacked in a central geometric cluster

Diamond Layla Ring

This asymmetrical ring with four white diamonds is geometric and contemporary. The band is simple, making it easy to stack if desired, and giving it a classic look that will not go out of style.

Close up birds eye view of necklace with three single grey diamonds with a slit in the bottom hanging from a yellow gold chain.

Diamond Trio Necklace

A triple disc necklace, on a long chain. Each disc has a single grey diamond with a slit in the bottom. Makes a great long piece for layering necklaces.

Front view of yellow gold dangle earrings hanging from yellow gold posts. There are two spheres of malachite (a green stone, similar to a lapis, with banding and natural inclusions throughout). The top sphere is small and the bottom is three times the size. The overall earring isn't too big though, and only hangs 20mm from the ear piercing.

Malachite Ball Earrings

Two natural malachite spheres hang to create a contemporary geometric earring. Each pair is slightly different, as malachite has variations in it's color naturally.