Kimberlin Brown

Kimberlin Brown has a BFA in fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Maryland Institute College of Art, har participated in a workshop in Georg Jensen's studio in Copenhagen and has apprenticed with a master goldsmith in Tuscany.

Her love of creating distinctive and meaningful jewelry is echoed by her dedication to working directly with gem purveyors and mines to ensure that her pieces reflect the vivid colors, happiness and charismatic beauty our world has to offer.

Front view of a unique cocktail ring, a large round opal appears to almost float, but for the gold sea anemone inspired band that surrounds the opal. On the ends of the sea anemone are emeralds and sapphires.

Koroit Opal Cocktail Ring

Hailing from Lori’s personal collection, a Koroit opal with veins of bright green running throughout.

Grassy Meadow Quartz Necklace

Grassy Meadow Quartz Necklace

This quartz pendant has a garden of green tourmaline needle inclusions grown within.

18k yellow gold brand earrings with pink sapphires, orange sapphires, and diamonds by Kimberlin Brown, shown from the front.

Budded Branch Earrings

A cluster of three bezel set stones sit on Kimberlin's signature brances, accented with white diamonds.

A trapezoid deep red opal pendant on a yellow gold chain, shown from the front.

Trapezoid Wood Opal Necklace

A flashy wood opal is set in a simple bezel setting so the stone remains the star of this necklace.

A yellow gold necklace with a horizontal blue opal pendant and branch details in the chain, shown laying flat.

Opal Branch Necklace

An elongated cool toned opal pendant hangs from a chain with diamond and sapphire branch accents.

A yellow gold ring with a pale purple opal center stone and prong settings dotted with diamonds, shown from the front.

Andromeda Opal Ring

This comet-like opal has a lavender hue and is surrounded by a coral setting dotted with diamonds.

A yellow gold ring with a  pale yellow opal center stone and prong setting dotted with diamonds and emeralds, shown from the front.

Mercury Opal Ring

A stunning, jelly-like, warm toned opal is set in a claw setting dotted with emeralds and diamonds.

A curved yellow gold band with nine round white diamonds, shown from the front.

Diamond Crescent Moon Band

A thick curved band with nine flush-set diamonds for some added sparkle.

A yellow gold ring with a pear shaped diamond center stone and round white diamonds dotting the band, shown from the front.

Star Droplet Diamond Ring

A rose cut, pear shaped, rustic diamond is set in a ring covered in round white diamond stars. Shown here stacked with Kimberlin Brown's Crescent Moon ring.

A yellow gold ring with sea anemone tentacles, dotted with diamonds, shown from above.

Diamond Sea Anemone Ring

A ring topped with a hand carved gold sea anemone, accented with diamonds.

Two Heart Pearl Earrings

Two Heart Pearl Earrings

A pair of two heart shaped Tahitian pearls clustered with blue sapphires.

two yellow gold earrings with a trio of diamonds bezel set, and a yellow gold branch extending to the side. the earring on the right is on a 45 degree angle and shows the butterfly backing.

Diamond Sea Anemone Earrings

A cluster of three diamonds set in 14k yellow gold stud earrings in Kimberlin's signature coral branch style.

A pair of yellow gold branch hoops dotted with diamonds, shown from the side.

Diamond Budded Branch Hoops

A pair of handcrafted 18k yellow gold branch hoops with diamond buds.

A semi-circular pink sapphire sitting atop a cluster of white diamonds on a yellow gold ring, shown from the front.

Pink Sapphire Anemone Ring

A rose cut semi-circular pink sapphire sits nestled among white diamonds.

A gold stud earring with a large boulder opal heart, shown from the front.

Boulder Opal Heart Stud

A single heart stud made of boulder opal set in yellow gold prongs.

A yellow gold signet ring with an oval opal cabochon, dotted with diamonds around the opal. Shown from the side.

Opal Space Rock Ring

A warm-toned oval opal signet ring with diamond accents.