above view of candle pair in paper

12" Taper Candles - Midnight

Each one of these candles are dipped 35 times to create the deep color and are crafted to burn drip-free at a rate of about an inch per hour.

straight on view of a marian maurer yellow gold white diamond eternity band with 1mm white diamonds wrapping around the band

1mm Diamond Eternity Band

Yellow gold eternity band with white diamonds.

photo of the book A Garden Can By Anywhere by Lauri Kranz and Dean Kuipers

A Garden Can Be Anywhere

Do you have a fire escape? Thought so…Secrets shared for planning, planting, growing and maintaining an edible garden, no matter the setting or size of your plot.

a colorful abalone shell with a glossy finish sits on a white surface.

Abalone Shell

These naturally colorful shells have been polished to perfection both inside and out.

illustrated card of abstract shapes

Abstract 2 - Card

An artist drawn greeting card, with an envelope. Blank inside.

illustrated card of abstract shapes

Abstract 5 - Card

An artist drawn greeting card, with an envelope. Blank inside.

Abstract floating pearl ring, shown from the front.

Abstract Floating Pearl Ring

Mid century, modern, with a protected pearl ring in a pointed band.

straight on view on affinity eternity wedding band

Affinity Eternity Band

A simple and classic eternity band of pave diamonds. The white gold band has blackened settings to make the diamonds pop. 

A pair of Lou Zeldis 22k yellow gold earrings with five mixed neutral pebble and agate drops.

Agate & Pebble Drop Earrings

A group of warm neutral river pebbles and agate wrapped in Lou Zeldis' signature high karat gold.

photo of folded Agua Fria knit blanket

Agua Fria Knit Blanket

This graphic blanket is inspired by the traditional style buildings in the area of Agua Fria in New Mexico. A long knit jacquard throw blanket.

Alianca Pluma ring, shown on its side.

Alianca Pluma Ring

An eternity band of oval emeralds, tanzanites, and topaz set in hand carved bezels.

photo go an Aliye link necklace

Aliye Link Necklace

A slim, modern chain necklace. 

straight on view of yellow gold ruta reifen all of the time ring featuring a center set white diamond surrounded by 12 smaller white diamonds clustered in the shape of the north star

All of the Time Ring

Reminiscent of the North Star, representing a guiding light in life, this intricate diamond ring makes a one of a kind engagement ring.

Cognac amber teething necklace, shown laying flat.

Amber Teething Necklace

Made of 100% Baltic amber, a natural stone that is thought to sooth the pain that comes with teething. These child safe necklaces are kid-sized with a screw-together clasp.

two dangle drop earrings hanging and viewed from the front. the drop is a pearl that has been partially carved out and lined with amethysts. the yellow gold hooks have pave diamonds on the bail.

Amethyst Soufflé Pearl Earrings

Two freshwater soufflé pearls are carved out and lined with a variety of amethysts with different cuts.

photo of ammobium flower bundle


A member of the daisy family, these little white flowers have dark yellow centers.

front view of ring with three tourmalines set in yellow gold

Anel Meia Flor Pequeno Ring

Three bright tourmalines of different shades of green are set organically into brushed 18k yellow gold.

Aquamarine Duplo earrings, shown from the front.

Aquamarine Duplo Earrings

Large juicy aquamarine studs with even larger aquamarine drops.

photo of arched cassat necklace

Arched Cassat Necklace

A beautiful take on a bar necklace, this arched pendant has delicate linear cutouts and is dotted with diamonds.

photo of book Art is The Highest Form of Hope

Art Is The Highest Form Of Hope

Messages transmitted from the artistic trenches.

Articulated fish charm, shown hanging.

Articulated Fish Charm

Articulated fish charm with openwork scales and enamel eyes.

photo of art made sheepskkin rug

Artist Made Sheepskin

These one of a kind pieces are made from different types of sheepskins with added bits of wool yarn fringe to keep the flow organic and truly unique.

18k yellow gold and gray diamond Ash Gleam ring by Aili

Ash Gleam Ring

Handcrafted in recycled yellow gold, this band features 15 grey diamonds in three rows of five. 

Astier de Villatte Incense

Astier de Villatte Incense

Made in Japan, designed in France, these 5" long incense sticks burn approximately 30 minutes each.

Close up birds eye view of gold disc pendant with Aries ram zodiac symbol on yellow gold chain

Astrological Zodiac Necklace

Each of these disc pendants features a hand carved and cast astrological symbol. With an ancient style design, these medallions are timeless and classic

Front cover of Atlas Obscura book.

Atlas Obscura

An explorer's guide to the world's hidden wonders.

Close up straight on view of opal pendant claw set in yellow gold with Japanese Keshi pearl suspended from either side.

Austrailian Opal Claw Necklace

A standout Australian opal pendant claw set in 14K yellow gold.

Front view of a simple and matte ring with an open front. The front pieces are more bulbous than the band.

Aziza Ring

A simple open band ring, to wear on its own, or in a stack.

straight on view of a wide yellow gold ring with a grooved ridge band and a line of baguette diamonds running perpendicular across the band to form a buckle

Baguette Diamond Buckle Ring

Baguette diamonds are lined up to create a buckle on a grooved band. With a semi-hollow inside the ring is comfortable and not too heavy for everyday wear.

A front view of a thin rose gold band with an open front and two baguette diamonds on the ends of the opening.

Baguette Diamond Louise Ring

Thin rose gold open face ring with two baguette diamonds with brushed finish. A modern open ring, that is slightly adjustable.

a flat yellow gold single stud earring of a bar with three circles stacked on top

Balanced Circles on a Bar Stud

A balancing act, this yellow gold stud earring is comprised of three circles, perfectly in tune with a rectangle.

Bar Stud with Three Diamonds

Bar Stud with Three Diamonds

18K yellow gold single bar stud earring with three diamonds.

Handmade porcelain barnacle motif vase by Jo Boyer.

Barnacle Vase

Handmade from porcelain, these delicate vases mimic barnacles.

Baroque pearl and gold nugget earrings, shown from the front.

Baroque Pearl Gold Nugget Earrings

14k yellow gold cathedral shaped earrings with free moving baroque freshwater pearls.

Barton Perreira Donyale Sunglasses

Barton Perreira Donyale Sunglasses

A modern take on a 70's inspired silhouette.

Barton Perreira Joe 007 sunglasses with light blue acetate frames and dark gray lenses, from the front.

Barton Perreira Joe 007 Sunglasses

Barton Perreira's angular yet classic Joe sunglasses in a clear light blue, gray.

Barton Perreira Magdalena sunglasses, from the front.

Barton Perreira Magdalena Sunglasses

A beautiful butterfly silhouette crafted from thin acetate and titanium.

Barton Perreira Marquee sunglasses in black, shown from the front.

Barton Perreira Marquee Sunglasses

A modern twist on a classic aviator.

Barton Perreira Syrinx sunglasses in black and tortoise, shown from the front.

Barton Perreira Syrinx Sunglasses

The Syrinx sunglasses in Black and Tokyo Tortoise with Smolder lenses. These thick carved frames give you the best of both worlds -- black and tortoise.

Yellow gold bangle bracelet with diamonds in oval settings, shown from the front.

Bead Set Diamond Bangle

Hammered yellow gold bracelet with bead set round diamonds set in darkened oval stations.

a group of three kilt pins each with intricate beading on the one side

Beaded Kilt Pin

RTH transforms beautifully powder coated kilt pins with Huichol beading. Perfect as a decorative pin on a hat or jacket, or for holding a scarf or sweater closed.

Bhuta Necklace

Bhuta Necklace

A yellow gold teardrop features diamonds on one side as if showing where the drop is reflecting light.

Hand holding bundle of dried bicolor pink globe amaranths.

Bicolor Globe Amaranths

The color of these round buds fades from dark to light pink.

Vintage 22k yellow gold hammered ring with oval bicolor pink and green tourmaline, shown from the side.

Bicolor Tourmaline Ring

A bicolor pink and green tourmaline sits at the center of this heavy, hammered, high karat gold ring.

a single yellow gold moon shaped earring with a post sticking out the back

Big Crescent Moon Stud

This earring is a larger moon, with a more rounded shape than the small moon by Manon.

14k yellow gold pale pink sapphire earrings with green sapphire drops by ERA, shown from the front.

Big Drop Interlock Earrings

Yellow gold earrings with four sided near-white sapphires on top with green sapphires dangling below. The hinged drop allows the lower sapphire to move with the wearer.

a single yellow gold moon shaped earring with diamonds set into the moon, there is a post sticking out the back

Big Moon Stud with Diamonds

This earring is the larger moon of the two moon earrings by Manon, and has a beautiful rounded shape.

flower bouquet with brown paper wrapped around it

Billy Buttons

Native to Australia, these bright little spheres of sunshine come in a bundle of approximately 15 stems.

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