Clarity & Connection

Clarity & Connection

Author Yung Pueblo's characteristically spare, poetic style guides readers through the excavation and release of the past that is required for growth.

Cocar earrings, shown from the front.

Cocar Earrings

A pair of circular twisted stud earrings feathered with oval emeralds, tanzanites, and topaz.

Cognac Diamond Ring

Cognac Diamond Ring

A true beauty. This ring features a cushion cut cognac diamond surrounded by two shield cut diamonds and two round cognac diamonds.

Close up birds eye view of concave yellow gold bar set with seven diamonds on a yellow gold chain, curved to emulate appearance on neck.

Concave Diamond Bar Necklace

A small concave bar is set with seven diamonds. Simple and elegant, this is a piece meant to be worn everyday.

chain dangling with pearl charms

Copa Charm Necklace

Five pearls hang from a chain, like a charm necklace, evenly spaced. A modern take on a classic jewelry piece. 

Copa Drop Stud Earring

Copa Drop Stud Earring

A half circle stud with asymmetrical ball chain drops.

Set of four hammered copper measuring cups, stacked together.

Copper Measuring Cups

A set of four hand-hammered copper measuring cups.

image of coqui coqui reed diffuser - a glass bottle with wooden sticks out the top

Coqui Coqui Reed Diffuser

Coqui Coqui is inspired by the uniquely rich tropical aromas of the Yucatan Peninsula. These diffusers are beautiful atop a table or on a shelf.

Handmade porcelain coral motif vase with two openings by Jo Boyer.

Coral Double Vase

Handmade from porcelain, these vases are reminiscent of the sea and features openings.

Coroa ring, shown from the side.

Coroa Ring

A band of blue and green oval stones in elongated settings.

Cotton Tea Towels

Cotton Tea Towels

These tea towels were designed with beauty and durability in mind.

Close up birds eye view of a sterling silver crescent moon curved with pave diamonds hanging on a thin silver chain.

Crescent Moon Pendant with Diamonds

A sterling silver crescent moon curved with pave diamonds hangs on a thin chain.

standing view of crescent moon that's ends extend and meet to form a ring. diamonds sit in the eyes, and the moon looks peaceful.

Crescent Moon Ring

A highly detailed crescent moonface, with little diamonds eyes on both sides of the ring.

Critter Kite Ring

Critter Kite Ring

A rose cut salt and pepper kite diamond is the centerpiece of this ring. In a unique setting, and featuring baguette diamonds and round diamonds, this diamond ring is one of a kind.

Cupid Chain Earrings

Cupid Chain Earrings

A pair of mixed metal chain fringe earrings in the shape of an arrow.

Curved Caspia Earring

Curved Caspia Earring

A curved line of pear shaped green tourmalines that will mirror the edge of your earlobe.

 Side view of vintage yellow gold ring with raised, curved, elliptical face.

Curved Elliptical Ring

A tall ring that stands up off the finger. A statement but still easy to wear.

straight on view of a yellow gold band with slight curve set with white pave diamonds by margaret cross

Curved Pavé Diamond Band

A curved band with pavé white diamonds. This ring pairs perfectly with the curved diamond ring by Margaret Cross.

yellow gold ring with diamonds on the band and three rubies raised above like gems on a crown

Curved Tiara Ring

This ruby and diamond crown ring has a slight curve, making it perfect for stacking or wearing on its own.

gold curved band with pave diamonds on the front of the curved part

Curved Vine Band

A curved yellow gold band with pave white diamonds. The slight bend makes it easy to stack with most solitaire rings.

D.S. & Durga Pocket Perfume: Debaser

D.S. & Durga Pocket Perfume: Debaser

A handcrafted unisex fragrance inspired by the Pixies' front man Black Francis; a bright, hot green scent that opens with a waft of fig tree broiling in the August sun.

Photo of D.S & Durga: Rose Atlantic roll on

D.S. & Durga Pocket Perfume: Rose Atlantic

A handcrafted romantic fragrance with floral, citrus, and earthy notes.

D.S. & Durga: Cowboy Grass

D.S. & Durga: Cowboy Grass

A masculine scent inspired by old-fashioned herbal remedies, laden with earthy, herbal, and woody notes.

50ML bottle of D.S. & Durga Eau De Parfum: Debaser. glass bottle with black shiny top and off white label with bold san serif centered typography stating scent name

D.S. & Durga: Debaser

A handcrafted unisex fragrance created in reflection of the Pixies' front man Black Francis, a bright, hot green scent that opens with a waft of fig tree broiling in the August sun.

Photo of D.S & Durga: I don't know what

D.S. & Durga: I Don't Know What

A fragrance enhancer that can be layered with other scents or worn on its own. Its transparent radiance gives it a certain "I don't know what."

50ML glass bottle of D.S. & Durga Eau De Parfum: Italian Citrus with shiny black spritzer top

D.S. & Durga: Italian Citrus

A handcrafted unisex fragrance embracing the scents of coastal Italian citrus.

50ML glass bottle of D.S. & Durga Eau De Parfum: Radio Bombay with black shiny spritzer top

D.S. & Durga: Radio Bombay

A unisex fragrance inspired by a handmade transistor radio housed in soft sandalwood, sending out a burst of music in the stifling summer heat of Bandra, Mumbai.

Dahlia Earrings

Dahlia Earrings

Swinging yellow gold earrings with round pink sapphires surrounded by a halo of raw diamonds. 

small white card with gold lettering saying 'damn, i love you'

Damn, I Love You Enclosure Card

Greeting card with the words 'Damn, I Love You' written in gold. Blank on the inside.

Dark Pink Tourmaline Teardrop Necklace

Dark Pink Tourmaline Teardrop Necklace

A large deep pink rose cut tourmaline set in one of Lola Brooks' signature bezel settings.

Ring with diagonally set ruby marquise on rose gold band.

Defne Ring with Ruby

A diagonally set ruby marquise on a simple and stackable rose gold band.

Dendritic Agate Earrings

Dendritic Agate Earrings

A pair of pear shaped dendritic agates set in Lola Brooks' signature bezel settings.

Dendritic Diamond Ring

Dendritic Diamond Ring

A diamond shaped dendritic diamond set in Lola Brooks' signature bezel setting.

birds eye view of blanket design with a large yellow circle and brown stripes

Desert Sun Knit Blanket

A soft, long knit jacquard throw blanket featuring a minimal design created by weaver Janelle Pietrzak, inspired by the sun in the Mojave desert near her Yucca Valley home. 

Straight on view of marquise and rose cut white diamonds bead set and hanging from a yellow gold chain

Diamond Anais Necklace

Marquise and rose cut white diamonds are bead set to make the 'Anais' necklace by Laurie Fleming. Hanging on a sparkly and delicate yellow gold chain. 

Diamond band necklace, shown from the front.

Diamond Band Necklace

A diamond-shaped dark gray diamond set in Januka's signature band setting.

 Front view of ring with seven graduated rose cut white diamonds are set in a slightly curved yellow gold band

Diamond Beacen Ring

Seven graduated rose cut white diamonds are set into a yellow gold band. The slight curve in the band makes it perfect to stack with a solitaire ring.

Front view of rose gold band with slight curve with seven graduated rose cut white diamonds

Diamond Beacen Ring

Seven graduated rose cut white diamonds are set into a curved rose gold band.

collar necklace with diamond ends stacked and an open front

Diamond Cinema Choker

A flexible piece of gold that will mold to the shape of your neck when worn. Sitting high up, above the collarbone, this choker is an easy way to add another layer to your necklace stack.

Diamond Clover Ring

Diamond Clover Ring

A three leaf diamond clover set in sterling silver on a yellow gold band.

Diamond Critter Ring

Diamond Critter Ring

A rose cut salt and pepper diamond is the centerpiece of this ring.

front view of solitaire diamond ring with two pave diamond bands coming out on either side

Diamond Devotion Ring

An old European cut diamond is accented with a dual pavé band.

Diamond Disc Necklace

Diamond Disc Necklace

A classic Gigi Clozeau necklace with a pavé diamond disc pendant.

Diamond Horseshoe Necklace

Diamond Horseshoe Necklace

Legend says a horseshoe facing up and your luck will never run out.

Diamond Juno Earring

Diamond Juno Earring

A bar earring made of two round and one princess cut diamond.

Diamond Key Charm Pendant

Diamond Key Charm Pendant

A miniature key with a delicately braided top, great for hanging on its own or with a cluster.

front view of simple 10k yellow gold band with four asymmetrical diamonds stacked in a central geometric cluster

Diamond Layla Ring

This asymmetrical ring with four white diamonds is geometric and contemporary.

yellow gold knot ring with pave diamonds on one half of the knot

Diamond Love Knot Ring

 With a vine inspired shank, and pavé diamonds this beautiful piece makes the perfect understated gift for your love.