Yellow gold bangle bracelet with diamonds in oval settings, shown from the front.

Bead Set Diamond Bangle

Hammered yellow gold bracelet with bead set round diamonds set in darkened oval stations.

a group of three kilt pins each with intricate beading on the one side

Beaded Kilt Pin

RTH transforms beautifully powder coated kilt pins with Huichol beading. Perfect as a decorative pin on a hat or jacket, or for holding a scarf or sweater closed.

Bezel Set Diamond Eternity Band

Bezel Set Diamond Eternity Band

An eternity band with 13 round bezel set diamonds; substantial enough on its own, but also great in a stack.

Bhuta Necklace

Bhuta Necklace

A yellow gold teardrop features diamonds on one side as if showing where the drop is reflecting light.

Hand holding bundle of dried bicolor pink globe amaranths.

Bicolor Globe Amaranths

The color of these round buds fades from dark to light pink.

Vintage 22k yellow gold hammered ring with oval bicolor pink and green tourmaline, shown from the side.

Bicolor Tourmaline Ring

A bicolor pink and green tourmaline sits at the center of this heavy, hammered, high karat gold ring.

a single yellow gold moon shaped earring with a post sticking out the back

Big Crescent Moon Stud

This earring is a larger moon, with a more rounded shape than the small moon by Manon.

a single yellow gold moon shaped earring with diamonds set into the moon, there is a post sticking out the back

Big Moon Stud with Diamonds

This earring is the larger moon of the two moon earrings by Manon, and has a beautiful rounded shape.

flower bouquet with brown paper wrapped around it

Billy Buttons

Native to Australia, these bright little spheres of sunshine come in a bundle of approximately 15 stems.

front view of tiny birthday card

Birthday Kisses Enclosure Card

This little card opens to a blank inside. The outside features tons of birthday kisses.

14k yellow gold stud earring with ruby marquis and round diamonds by Ruta Reifen

Birthstone Marquis Studs

Two round prong set diamonds hug the stone of your choosing to make up this sparkly single stud.

a small yellow gold earring with two stones side by side and prong set.

Birthstone Mirror Studs

Two round prong set stones of your choosing make up this sparkly single stud.

Black Diamond Bhumi Ring

Black Diamond Bhumi Ring

A black diamond, set on its point, accented by three white diamonds on each side.

Black Diamond Seamless Hoop

Black Diamond Seamless Hoop

A seamless huggie hoop with a click closure and a prong set black diamond.

straight on view of yellow gold band with black swashes of enamel flowing from each side to cradle three white diamonds

Black Enamel Diamond Arcadia Ring

Black enamel surrounds three rose cut white diamonds. This contemporary ring has a vintage feel, for the alternative bride with a classic style.

Black Opal Band Necklace

Black Opal Band Necklace

A beautiful deep turquoise opal with lots of flash, set in Januka's band settings.

18k yellow gold blooming anemone ring with nine round diamonds by Kimberlin Brown, shown from the front.

Blooming Anemone Ring

Stunning and sparkly, this yellow gold and white diamond cluster ring is inspired by a sea anemone.

Bone Bar Necklace

Bone Bar Necklace

A literal piece of Anthony Lent's Mr. Bones (who is very cool, if you aren't familiar!) used to create a classic bar necklace.

Boulder Pepper Grinder

Boulder Pepper Grinder

A stacked stone pepper grinder made of hand poured resin.

Boxing Medal

Boxing Medal

Perfect whether you like to box or simply want people to know you're not to be messed with.

Brass Cube Incense Holder

Brass Cube Incense Holder

A solid, textured, brass cube in your choice of gold or silver.

overview of brass incense stand showing three different size holes designed to accommodate different sizes of incense sticks

Brass Incense Holder

This solid brass incense stick holder has three holes to accommodate different sized incense; stick, Japanese stickless, and hand-rolled Tibetan stickless options.

three brass plant sticks side by side on a white background, each one is bent into a different shape

Brass Plant Sticks

Three brass sticks, with different bent shapes. A stylish solution to help hold up and assist your plants' growth. 

gold chain with 9 emerald cut sapphires set horizontally and vertically along the chain

Brick Brigade Mixed Sapphire Necklace

A chain necklace with alternating fixed and floating bezel set sapphires. With a mix of sapphire colors this necklace is fun with a touch of elegant.

chain necklace with 11 little baguette diamonds evenly spaced out along the chain for a highly sparkly look

Brick Brigade Necklace

14k yellow gold chain necklace with alternating fixed and floating bezel set white custom cut sapphires.

Brick Stack Bracelet

Brick Stack Bracelet

14k yellow gold chain bracelet with alternating fixed and floating bezel set white custom cut sapphires.

Brushed gold sapphire band with purple sapphires, shown from the side.

Brushed Gold and Sapphire Band

Five substantial sapphires and a ruby ensconsed in a band of heavy yellow gold. Hand carved and cast, each ring is unique in sapphire size, color and placement.

ring with brutalist love script and a diamond in the middle of the o

Brutalist Love Ring

In a brutalist style script, the word love is accented with a little diamond.

18k yellow gold brand earrings with pink sapphires, orange sapphires, and diamonds by Kimberlin Brown, shown from the front.

Budded Branch Earrings

A cluster of three bezel set stones sit on Kimberlin's signature brances, accented with white diamonds.

18k yellow gold stud earrings with gray diamond cabochons by Lola Brooks, shown from the side.

Cabochon Diamond Studs

A pair of expertly crafted studs featuring gray diamond cabochons set in matte yellow gold bezels.

Candle kit, shown from the front.

Candle Kit

Simply choose your vessel, melt the wax, and pour!

yellow gold ring with a carnelian stone that flips over and a stag carved into it

Carnelian Stag Flip Ring

This Sassanian carnelian dates back to 600-900 A.D. The stag intaglio on the underside of the stone was a personal seal for someone's family or job.

Vintage 18k yellow gold Cartier band ring with round diamond, shown from the front.

Cartier Round Diamond Band

A hefty rounded Cartier band with a round diamond set flush into its slightly squared face.

overview of calf skin with the floral pattern carved into it

Carved Floral Calf Skin

Calf skin that has been hand carved in a unique floral decorative pattern. Each skin has natural color variations and spots, but is predominately the color you select.

Dark brown wave carved calf skin rug by Chad Ypon, shown laying flat.

Carved Wave Calf Skin

Calf skin that has been hand carved in a decorative pattern, called the Wave. Each skin has natural color variations and spots, but is predominately the color you select.

Interlocking circular salt cellar made of speckled blue and gray cement with wood lid and spoon, shown from the side.

Cement Interlocking Salt Cellar

Complete with wooden lids and spoon, this speckled cement cellar is a

14k yellow gold centipede earrings with blue sapphire and diamond baguettes, shown from the front.

Centipede Earrings

A lengthy pair of glassy centipedes composed of blue sapphires and baguette diamonds.

Group image of all sizes of the ceramic stash jars in a cluster.

Ceramic Stash Jar

These lidded canisters come in several sizes and make a lovely set or individual containers that are perfect for anything from cookies to q-tips.

overhead angled flatview of a hannah keefe bracelet with 14k yellow gold chain strands soldered together in equal length sections by alternating gold solder opened squares creating a sort of maze of chain and gold solder

Chain Maze Bracelet

Multi-strand chain bracelet with alternating pattern finished with gold solder.

Chain Pie Earrings

Chain Pie Earrings

A round top half, with a nook for your ear lobe, has been soldered together to make it solid, but the bottom half is left to move with the wearer. 

Chain Teardrop Earrings

Chain Teardrop Earrings

A pair of teardrop shaped earrings made of gold chains and gold solder.

two silver earring with a number of chains hanging down. the top half is a solid triangle and the bottom half alternates between long and short strands to make a triangle shape at the bottom as well.

Chain Tent Earrings

Sterling silver hook earrings with silver solder diamonds and loose multi-strand chains. 

rose gold earring with two champagne diamonds stacked

Champagne Diamond Ayda Earring

Simple and geometric, this single earring is sold individually. Made of yellow gold earring featuring two round diamonds stacked on each other. 

close up front view of oval diamond pendant with sharp inclusions of red, brown and white. bezel set in yellow gold and hanging on a thin yellow gold chain.

Champagne Diamond Necklace

This rosy colored champagne diamond holds light in its depths. Hanging from a classic gold chain, its oval setting alludes to the mysteries of a Victorian-era locket.

a small tear drop diamond sits on a simple yellow gold band ring

Champagne Pear Diamond Ring

The bezel set teardrop diamond makes for a unique eye catching center piece against the satin finished yellow gold.

three lines crossing to be a single stud

Chaos Stud Earring

Shape earring of thin yellow gold with a hammered finish. Easy to wear as it sits flush to the ear, but large enough for a lot of sparkle.

front view of folding card standing up with a red envelope next to it

Cherry Blossom Enclosure Card

This small folding card features a print of cherry blossoms, making it appropriate for any occasion.. or just because. Comes with a red envelope.

bracelet made of four matte brushed yellow gold long links

City Bar Link Bracelet

Long bar links of solid gold create a chunky luxurious bracelet. With a toggle clasp, the bracelet is very secure once on, and looks incredible layered with other bracelets and bangles.