Hannah Keefe

Mesh Necklace

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A necklace composed of three solid 18k yellow gold chains connected with sterling silver squares.

Layers well with this necklace by Marian Maurer.

Made of

18k yellow gold
Sterling silver


Length - 24in

Made by

Made in Los Angeles by Hannah Keefe

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Juggler Chain Necklace

Juggler Chain Necklace

A necklace composed of solid 14k yellow gold chains connected on seven strands using sterling silver squares.

front view of long and large triangle earrings in silver. there is a solid bar at the top, while the rest of the earring is made of chains that hang free.

Inverted Triangle Earrings

A series of chains hang from a top bar, to form a pair of large triangle earrings. 

18k yellow gold icicle chain earrings by Hannah Keefe, shown from the front.

Icicle Earrings

A pair of earrings made of chains with free flowing drops that hang like icicles. The top half has been soldered together to make it solid, but the bottom half is left to move with the wearer.

Designed By

Hannah Keefe

Hannah Keefe uses chain and solder in a proprietary process to create pieces inspired from ethnographic textiles, beadwork, and modernist weavings.

She patiently constructs each piece by hand, making each of her pieces a true work of art.

portrait of jewelry designer hannah keefe in studio with another woman examining a necklace
Juggler Chain Necklace