Informed by the world travel and aesthetics of Lori Leven, Love Adorned's Living collection includes new and vintage home decor, personal accessories, and more.

small pink paperback book standing up

Love Poems by Pablo Neruda

Considered to be one of the greatest poets of the 20th century, this book of sensual, earthy poems are the basis for the movie Il Postino.

paperback blue book standing

French Love Poems

Poems of devotion, lust, sensuality, eroticism, fevers and overtures from many of the greats.

card with a drawing of fruits all with smiley faces on them, and the words 'with love from us to you'

With Love Greeting Card

Greeting card with the words 'With Love From Us to You'. Blank on the inside. 

Rainbow Thank You Card

Rainbow Thank You Card

Greeting card with the words 'Thank You'. Blank on the inside. 

greeting card with an orca whale jumping over a moon and the words 'you're killer' in a block font

You're Killer Greeting Card

You're Killer greeting card. Blank on the inside. 

greeting card with a neon scene of cactus and plants with the words 'sending you love & light'

Love & Light Card

Greeting card with the words 'Sending You Love & Light'. Blank on the inside. 

heart shaped card with the words lots of love in gold

Lots of Love Heart Card

Greeting card in the shape of a heart with the words 'Lots of Love'. Blank on the reverse side.

small card with red love you written on the front and a heart in the letter O - comes with a blue envelope

Love You Enclosure Card

A small enclosure card with the words 'love YOU' and a heart in the letter O. Blank on the reverse side aside from a small makers mark.

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front view of the block candle

Mad et Len Block Candle - Terre Noire

This double wicked block candle is woodsy, rich with humus soil, and minerals. 

front view of the block candle

Mad et Len Block Candle - Spirituelle

This double wicked block candle smalls of cool mint and basil.

front view of candle

Mad et Len Block Candle - Graphite

This double wicked block candle burns evokes scents of an artist's atelier; wood shavings lie about the wide-planked floor. A puff of chalk dust hovers in the air.

angled front view of vetiver bowl

Small Vetiver Bowl

Vetiver is a naturally aromatic root, with a long lasting scent. Woven into a bowl, this aesthetically pleasing piece is great for a coffee table or kitchen counter. 

overview of calf skin with the floral pattern carved into it

Carved Floral Calf Skin

Calf skin that has been hand carved in a unique floral decorative pattern. Each skin has natural color variations and spots, but is predominately the color you select.

view of three baskets nested into each other

Recycled Rubber and Brass Basket

These recycled rubber catchalls with brass detailing are perfect for odds and ends around the house. Baskets nest into one another.

Pearlcolor Paint Set - Ocean

Pearlcolor Paint Set - Ocean

Made in Germany, this metallic watercolor set features colors themed like the ocean, use in addition to more opaque colors to create shimmering paintings.

angle view of the marriage box

The Marriage Box

This box of oversized cards is The School of Life’s guide to the rest of a life together.

birds eye view of blanket design with a large yellow circle and brown stripes

Desert Sun Knit Blanket

A soft, long knit jacquard throw blanket featuring a minimal design created by weaver Janelle Pietrzak, inspired by the sun in the Mojave desert near her Yucca Valley home. 

blue vase standing and 3d

Large Venus Paper Vase

Made of special water resistant paper, this vase is a tribute to the ancient and sophisticated art of ceramics. To use, place a cup or mason jar inside, filled with flowers. Comes packaged with an envelope and note card for a fun and creative gift (perhaps to accompany some flowers).

front view of white vase with gold dots

Large Duna Paper Vase

To use, place a cup or mason jar inside, filled with flowers.

front standing view of the black and gold vase

Mini Duna Paper Vase

To use this vase, place a cup or mason jar inside, filled with flowers.

front view of blue vase standing

Mini Venus Paper Vase

These handcrafted flower vases are made of special water resistant paper and are shipped to you packed flat.

Group image of four different types of enclosure cards

Enclosure Card Set

The cutest little pack of enclosure cards. Comes with little white envelopes and 10 gold stickers. 

Sphere Ice Tray

Sphere Ice Tray

This ice tray makes 4 perfect sphere cubes, an impressive twist on a traditional whiskey cube.

view of white tray with sprinkle dots on it

Speckled Large Ice Cube Tray

This tray makes larger cubes that melt slower, keeping your drink colder, longer.

front view of yellow flowers on green stems wrapped in brown paper

Yellow Cotton Flower

A bundle of soft cotton flowers, dyed yellow during the preservations process.

photo of ammobium flower bundle


A member of the daisy family, these little white flowers have dark yellow centers.

image of flowers standing

Pink Starflowers

A pretty bunch of little pink flowers, sure to brighten up any home. These 'forever' flower will last forever, if treated with care.

front view of pink protea flowers

Pink Protea

These hearty, pink flowers come with five stems per bunch.

overhead view of the utensils stacked next to the silicone case

Portable Utensil Set

This “on the go” steel utensil set stays safe in a silicone case. It makes it way less of a thing when Seamless forgets to add utensils.

front view of drawn card with cliffs of water and people swimming in them

Pamukkale Card

An artist drawn greeting card, with a unique envelope. Blank inside. 

illustrated card with people swimming in water with a jungle behind them

Jungle Beach Card

An artist drawn greeting card, with a unique envelope. Blank inside. 

illustrated card of abstract shapes

Abstract 2 - Card

An artist drawn greeting card, with an envelope. Blank inside.

illustrated card of abstract shapes

Abstract 5 - Card

An artist drawn greeting card, with an envelope. Blank inside.

above view of dark wood measuring spoons side by side with the writing etched into the handles

Teak Wood Measuring Spoons

Made of smooth dark teak wood this set of measuring spoons is beautiful and functional. These will look nice hanging on a wall and 

open towel with one eye monster attacking other monsters all in the style of traditional tattoos

Japanese Ganji Yokai Towel

A towel printed with an actual painting created by the world famous tattoo artists working at Three Tides Tattoo, in Tokyo and Osaka Japan.

front view of card and envelope with gold patch stuck to the card

Gold Iron On Patch Card - Monstera

This card has a gold patch of a monstera leaf that can be ironed on to the fabric of your choice affixed to the front of the card. Blank on the inside. 

front view of card with flowers and a brown envelope

Thank You Flowers Card

Thank you card with sunflowers and large letters saying Thank You. Blank on the inside. Brown envelope.

front view of card with sushi on it

Happy Birthday Sushi Card

Blank on the inside, this funny card features an illustration of sushi and the message "Wishing You an Extra Fancy Birthday".

front view of card with bag of bread saying 'i hope your birthday is even better than.."

Wonder Bread Happy Birthday Card

Birthday card with a cute and colorful print. Blank on the inside. Yellow envelope.

front view of folding card standing up with a red envelope next to it

Cherry Blossom Enclosure Card

This small folding card features a print of cherry blossoms, making it appropriate for any occasion.. or just because. Comes with a red envelope.

front view of tiny birthday card

Birthday Kisses Enclosure Card

This little card opens to a blank inside. The outside features tons of birthday kisses.

happy birthday card with lady bugs

Ladybug Enclosure Card

A cute enclosure card for a birthday. With little ladybugs, blank inside, and a white envelope.

card with the words "happy birthday to my partner in crime"

Partner in Crime Birthday Enclosure Card

This small card is blank inside, but has a goofy print of handcuffs and notes "happy birthday to my partner in crime"

Victorinox floral knife with red handle, shown open

Floral Knife

This most simple knife is fitted with just a single sharp blade. Made by Swiss army knife company Victorinox (which has been around since 1884), it is a staple in every florist’s toolkit.

Photo of Conway Electric USB C power strip in green

USB C Power Strip - Green

This handmade extension cord utilizes smart USB and USB C technology to charge your device faster by identifying it and sending it a matching charge.

Barton Perreira Marquee sunglasses in black, shown from the front.

Barton Perreira Marquee Sunglasses

A modern twist on a classic aviator.

Kapital smiley dot socks in navy with neon green dots

Kapital Smiley Dot Socks - Navy

These neon-colored polka dot socks are a fun twist on the classic smiley socks from cult-favorite brand Kapital.