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Swirled brown and blue vase, shown from the side.

Swirled Landscape Vase

A swirled brown and blue landscape vase by Daric Harvie.

Boulder Pepper Grinder

Boulder Pepper Grinder

A stacked stone pepper grinder made of hand poured resin.

Blue and green scenic rectangular ceramic tray, shown from above.

Swirled Landscape Tray

A swirled ceramic landscape tray by Daric Harvie.

Faux Fur Muffler Scarf

Faux Fur Muffler Scarf

This ultra soft faux fur scarf is shorter, fitting like a muffler around your neck.

Emilie Shapiro Inti necklace with raw pink sapphires surrounding an oval opal, shown hanging.

Inti Necklace

A pendant, reminiscent of a dreamcatcher, made with raw pink sapphires and a warm faceted opal.

Kapital blue kasuri patterned fleece pants, shown laying flat.

Kapital Kasuri Fleece Pants

A pair of cozy fleece pants in a Kasuri pattern, traditionally from Java.

Kapital cotton smiley socks in navy

Kapital Cotton Smiley Socks - Navy

These socks are the socks. A lightweight version of everyone's go-to socks from cult-favorite brand Kapital make each day more fun with a bright yellow smiley face design on heel.

Kapital cotton ivy smiley socks in blue with orange stripes.

Kapital Cotton Ivy Smiley Socks

Kapital's signature smiley socks in a cozy blend of cotton and hemp.

Kapital Skater Socks

Kapital Skater Socks

Knee high socks with Kapital's signature smiley heels.

Salt and pepper diamond pendant necklace, shown from the front.

Salt & Pepper Diamond Pendant Necklace

A rose cut salt and pepper diamond set in a hand carved pendant.

Kite diamond disc necklace, shown from the front.

Kite Diamond Disc Necklace

A hand carved disc pendant with two kite shaped rustic diamonds, hanging on a snake chain.

Emilie Shapiro heart necklace with a raw diamond in the center, shown hanging.

Teeny Heart Necklace

A hand carved heart pendant with a raw natural diamond cast in place in the center.

Kapital Quilted Patchwork Bandana Hoodie

Kapital Quilted Patchwork Bandana Hoodie

A zip-up hooded bandana patterned sweatshirt with quilted fabric on the back.

Chain Teardrop Earrings

Chain Teardrop Earrings

A pair of teardrop shaped earrings made of gold chains and gold solder.

Resin Rock Bowl

Resin Rock Bowl

A slightly asymmetrical shallow bowl made from hand poured resin.

Inverted diamond solitaire earrings, shown from the front.

Inverted Round Diamond Studs

A pair of solitaire stud earrings with round inverted diamonds set in darkened white gold settings.

Candle kit, shown from the front.

Candle Kit

Simply choose your vessel, melt the wax, and pour!

Sheepskin Slippers - Stone

Sheepskin Slippers - Stone

Ultra soft and comfy sheepskin slippers provide a natural temperature balance, insulating to keep feet warm, but absorbing excessive heat and moisture.

Metales Casados Marquis Ashtray

Metales Casados Marquis Ashtray

This footed ashtray is made of Mexican "metales casados" or mixed metals.

Brass Cube Incense Holder

Brass Cube Incense Holder

A solid, textured, brass cube in your choice of gold or silver.

Metales Casados Teardrop Ashtray

Metales Casados Teardrop Ashtray

This vintage footed dish is made of Mexican "metales casados" or mixed metals, rendered in an eye-catching geometric pattern.

photo of ammobium flower bundle


A member of the daisy family, these little white flowers have dark yellow centers.

Cover of the Plantopedia book.


Instructions for potting, maintaining, and loving more than 130 different kinds of house plants.

Handmade porcelain coral motif vase with two openings by Jo Boyer.

Coral Double Vase

Handmade from porcelain, these vases are reminiscent of the sea and features openings.

Flow Spice Dish

Flow Spice Dish

A small resin dish, perfect for salt or to hold jewelry on a bedside table.

Teal green round glass pipe

Round Glass Pipe

The wide design of these hand blown glass pipes gives smoke time to cool down before reaching your lips, making for a both a smooth and visually stimulating experience as you watch the smoke pass through the chamber.

Vintage metal and enamel bowl, shown from the side.

Mid Century Enamel Coated Bowl

A mid century enamel coated metal bowl that almost looks as if it was tie dyed.

Raw edge wood stash box, shown slightly open.

Wood Stash Box

The raw natural edge of this wood box makes it a perfect hiding spot.

Two black natural beeswax tusk candles, one short and wide and the other narrow and tall.

Natural Beeswax Tusk Candle

100% beeswax candles with organic hemp wicks, inspired by natural tusks.

Large resin salad bowl in swirled brown and white light horn color.

Resin Salad Bowl

A beautifully swirled resin bowl, perfect for salads or to hold fruit.

Hook and eye bangle, shown from the front at an angle.

Hook & Eye Bangle

Hook and eye style stackable bangle.

Kapital 60/40 Beni Ourain Anorak

Kapital 60/40 Beni Ourain Anorak

A half-zip 60/40 pullover jacket made from cotton and nylon to help protect against the elements.

Black faux fur mittens

Faux Fur Mittens

A pair of incredibly soft faux fur mittens with an opening at the base of your fingers so that you can fold back the top and use your phone.

Kapital ortega blanket scarf in black, red, blue, shown wrapped up.

Kapital Ortega Blanket Scarf

Kapital's signature compressed wool with an Ortega pattern.

Group photo of Kapital bandana heel socks in all colors.

Kapital Bandana Heel Socks

Another fan-favorite from Kapital! These socks feature a bandana motif on the heel.

Mosaic Sapphire Letter Pendant

Mosaic Sapphire Letter Pendant

Made up of a mosaic of free form sapphires, these letter pendants are the perfect way to wear your own letter or the letter of a loved one.

Barton Perreira Donyale Sunglasses

Barton Perreira Donyale Sunglasses

A modern take on a 70's inspired silhouette.

Barton Perreira Joe 007 sunglasses with light blue acetate frames and dark gray lenses, from the front.

Barton Perreira Joe 007 Sunglasses

Barton Perreira's angular yet classic Joe sunglasses in a clear light blue, gray.

Barton Perreira Magdalena sunglasses, from the front.

Barton Perreira Magdalena Sunglasses

A beautiful butterfly silhouette crafted from thin acetate and titanium.

Kapital Reverse Fleece Jacket

Kapital Reverse Fleece Jacket

Made of soft, thick fleece with snaps.

Multicolored sapphire dangle earrings with five sapphires on each.

Brick Stack Earrings

A pair of drop stud earrings with five mixed color, emerald cut sapphires on each.

Kapital blue, red, white, patchwork scarf, shown wrapped up.

Kapital Patchwork Quilt Scarf

A patchwork patterned scarf with triangles of red, white, and shades of blue.

Rectangular diamond slice necklace, shown from the front.

Rectangular Diamond Slice Necklace

A salt and pepper diamond slice set in a rectangular window.

Diamond band necklace, shown from the front.

Diamond Band Necklace

A diamond-shaped dark gray diamond set in Januka's signature band setting.

Square diamond slice necklace, shown from the front.

Square Diamond Slice Necklace

A dark gray diamond slice set in a square gold window.

Yellow gold bangle bracelet with diamonds in oval settings, shown from the front.

Bead Set Diamond Bangle

Hammered yellow gold bracelet with bead set round diamonds set in darkened oval stations.

Little note card set, shown in Sun.

Little Notes Set

A set of happy little note cards to be used as unsparingly as you wish.

Shell Grinder

Shell Grinder

A vintage inspired, weighted grinder with a magnetic closure.

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