Gold Wrapped Three Sapphire Ring

Gold Wrapped Three Sapphire Ring

Three sapphires wrapped in yellow gold; one yellow, one pink, and one blue.

Double Pear Sapphire Ring

Double Pear Sapphire Ring

Two pear shaped sapphires wrapped in one if Fraser Hamilton's signature settings.

18k rose gold crescent moon ring by Anthony Lent with graduated white diamonds around the edge and a diamond eye, from the front.

Diamond Moonface Ring

A sparkly take on Anthony Lent's classic crescent moon ring.

14k yellow gold ring with graduated white diamonds halfway around and one pear shaped white diamond by Selin Kent, from the front.

Guler Ring

A yellow gold band decorated halfway around with round diamonds graduating in size until they reach the focal point of a pear shaped diamond, slightly askew.

14k yellow gold ring with half moon and round diamonds set in platinum prongs by Selin Kent, from the front.

Luna Helia Ring

A simple gold band showcasing a half moon and a round diamond set in platinum.

Vintage 18k yellow gold Cartier band ring with round diamond, shown from the front.

Cartier Round Diamond Band

A hefty rounded Cartier band with a round diamond set flush into its slightly squared face.

Cognac Diamond Ring

Cognac Diamond Ring

A true beauty. This ring features a cushion cut cognac diamond surrounded by two shield cut diamonds and two round cognac diamonds.

Sapphire Traveler Ring

Sapphire Traveler Ring

A simple ring with a deep dark green sapphire bound to the top by strands of yellow gold.

Vintage 22k yellow gold hammered ring with oval bicolor pink and green tourmaline, shown from the side.

Bicolor Tourmaline Ring

A bicolor pink and green tourmaline sits at the center of this heavy, hammered, high karat gold ring.

A rounded yellow gold ring with a carved heart and a diamond slice over it, shown from the front.

Diamond Slice Heart Ring

A prong set diamond slice protects a sweet hand engraved heart on this solitaire ring.

East West Diamond Ring

East West Diamond Ring

A beautiful marquis diamond is set horizontally and accented by a halo of white diamonds that are embedded in Ruta Reifen's signature handmade texture.

14k yellow gold V shaped ring with round diamond by Maggi Simpkins.

V Shaped Ring with Diamond

A modern take on a vintage design, this v-shaped ring holds a prong set, round brilliant cut diamond in the center.

14k yellow gold V shaped ring with pear shaped salt and pepper diamond by Maggi Simpkins.

V Shaped Ring with Pear Diamond

A modern take on a vintage design, this v-shaped ring holds a prong set, pear shaped, salt and pepper diamond in the center.

Vintage 18k yellow gold twisted band ring.

Twisted Rope Band

Giving the appearance of two rings intertwined, this ring combines traditional round and rope twist motifs to create one band. 

18k yellow gold Timeless Irregular band ring by Karen Karch

Timeless Irregular Band Ring

Crafted 18k yellow gold, this traditional band is made different by its slightly irregular rounded edge.

18k rose gold Tokyo Floating Star ring with blue and purple sapphires by Karen Karch

Tokyo Floating Star Ring

Inspired by the architecture of Tokyo, this ring features a large blue sapphire baguette in the center surrounded by princess cut blue and purple sapphires.

Ruby Vine Ring

Ruby Vine Ring

With a ruby set like a traditional solitaire ring, this ring has a classic feel, but with an alternative colorful twist.

18k rose gold and black diamond Intrigue Crown ring by Karen Karch

Intrigue Crown Ring

An absolutely grand ring with a modified heart-shaped rose cut black diamond, adorned with diamonds and rubies, on an asymmetrical vine band.

18k yellow gold and gray diamond Ash Gleam ring by Aili

Ash Gleam Ring

Handcrafted in recycled yellow gold, this band features 15 grey diamonds in three rows of five. 

18k yellow gold La Fortuna ring by Aili

La Fortuna Ring

A wide textured band made with recycled yellow gold set with garnet, ruby, peridot, aquamarine, amethyst, emerald, and pink, orange, yellow and blue sapphires.

18k yellow gold Urion band ring by Aili

Urion Band Ring

Handcrafted in recycled yellow gold, this band is matte in the center with textured edges.

18k yellow gold Theo band ring by Aili

Theo Band Ring

A simple band made special by its handcrafted texture. 

An irregular yellow gold band with two rows of black diamonds, shown from the front.

Flow Ring with Black Diamonds

This handcrafted organically shaped band has two rows of black diamonds, perfect on its own or nestled into a stack.

Ring Sizer

Ring Sizer

This flexible ring sizer is perfect to find your ring size from the safety of your own home. Make sure once you think you've found your size that you can comfortably put on and remove the band over your knuckle, adjust by half a size as needed.

front view of the coiled band ring showing the layers stacked

Gold Coil Ring

A squared band, with rounded edges, is a new take on a simple band. While an unusual shape, it's a very comfortable piece and easy to wear every day.

yellow gold band ring with diamonds along the band between wraps of gold

Wrapped Band Ring

A ring that, at first, appears to be a simple band, is made intricate with wrapped strips of gold, and diamonds set intermittently across the band. 

front view of love knot ring with alternating ruby and pink sapphires on one loop

Sapphire Love Knot Ring

Two yellow gold bands, dotted with rubies and pink sapphires, have been tied into love knot.

Diamond Helia Ring

Diamond Helia Ring

This ring is inspired by the rays of the sun, and features small diamond accents. With a flat side it can sit perfectly on top of a stack of rings, or be worn on its own.

front view of a yellow gold ring with a ruby wrapped in yellow gold on a flat signet band.

Ruby Woven Ring

A band of woven gold is formed into a signet shape, and finished with a rough ruby wedged into the weave.

fan shaped ring with large multicolor sapphires along the edge

Peacock Zoe Fan Ring

This incredible ring, modeled after the shape of a fan, features bright stones along the edge.

front view of fan ring with diamonds along the edge

Diamond Zoe Fan Ring

This incredible ring, modeled after the shape of a fan, features bright diamonds along the edge.

Palladium texture ring, shown from the front.

Palladium Liquid Texture Ring

This liquid texture band has a three tiny diamonds set into its face, for an unusual and unique band. Perfect for a man who wants an individualistic wedding band.

front view of a vintage style diamond eternity band

Sacred Eternity Band

A vintage inspired eternity band of diamond set in squared settings.

straight on view on affinity eternity wedding band

Affinity Eternity Band

A simple and classic eternity band of pave diamonds. The white gold band has blackened settings to make the diamonds pop. 

front view of solitaire diamond ring with two pave diamond bands coming out on either side

Diamond Devotion Ring

An old European cut diamond is accented with a dual pavé band.

yellow gold ring with a carnelian stone that flips over and a stag carved into it

Carnelian Stag Flip Ring

This Sassanian carnelian dates back to 600-900 A.D. The stag intaglio on the underside of the stone was a personal seal for someone's family or job.

blue sapphire center stone is wrapped in yellow gold in a handmade ring

Sapphire Bandages Ring

A bright blue sapphire is wrapped in layers of yellow gold that are banded together to create a ring.

Diamond Critter Ring

Diamond Critter Ring

A rose cut salt and pepper diamond is the centerpiece of this ring.

front view of a round yellow gold hole has a diamond set floating into the middle of it. there is a medium wide band that the setting is attached to and the gold is matte.

Diamond Position Ring

A floating princess cut diamond is expertly set into a ring of yellow gold. The perfect off-beat stacking ring, or engagement ring.

front view of a simple ring with a round flat face. the face has a diamond in the middle and a line cut out above the diamond. the band is thinner than the front.

Celah Diamond Ring

A signet ring featuring a light grey diamond, with a slice in the face, for design. Simple but classic.

front view of yellow gold ring with three stones. the middle stone is largest, and is a yellowish round diamond with tons of facets. on either side are reddish diamonds about 1/2 the size of the middle stone. each stone is bezel set with texture and sits on a medium wide squared yellow gold band.

Natural Diamond Ring

A stunning diamond ring with textured bezel settings around each stone. Classic, but because of the natural diamond colors, an alternative twist. 

Front view of a thin yellow gold band ring. The front features a cluster of stones in an abstract shape of a bug. The body is made of a stack of turquoise and two different hues of pink tourmaline, with baguette diamonds as legs.

Farfara Ring

A crystalline critter to crawl on your finger; this composition of pink tourmalines, turquoise, and diamonds forms an elegant ant.

front view of thin yellow gold band with stones on the top side of the band. there are three diamonds on the band, and extending from each diamond is a pear shaped tourmaline. from left to right, pink tourmaline, red tourmaline and green tourmaline.

Pear Crown Ring

A crown of pear shaped green, red, and pink tourmalines leap from bezel set diamonds on a thin, solid 14 karat gold band.

front view of heavy yellow gold ring with a square purple spinel in the middle seamless set into gold. the gold is brushed yellow gold, and is very smooth.

Purple Spinel City Ring

A hearty purple spinel emerges from a smooth, substantial band of heavy yellow gold, reminiscent of a signet ring.

front view of oval purple sapphire with accent white diamonds, two on top and one on the bottom, all bezel set onto a brushed medium wide yellow gold band.

Purple Sapphire and White Diamond Ring

An oval-like lavender hued sapphire surrounded by clusters of white diamonds; all bezel set in 22 karat gold.

front view of a simple yellow gold curved band with a row of enamel.

Enamel Curved Band Ring

A curved band with ivory white enamel. 

front view of a simple curved band with a rose cut diamond in the middle and two smaller diamonds on either side. the curve of the band has a row of ivory enamel.

Enamel and Diamond Ring

A curved band with ivory white enamel holds three white diamonds. This contemporary ring has a vintage feel, for the alternative bride with a classic style.

straight on view of a yellow gold margaret cross memento mori ring with a large pear-shaped salt and pepper diamond center set between two yellow gold skulls

Memento Mori Pear Diamond Ring

A pear shaped salt and pepper diamond, on either side of which sit two little skulls representing 'memento mori'.