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A yellow gold crown ring with round white diamonds, shown from the front.

Belgian Tiara Ring

A crown of diamonds; perfect atop a stack of rings or standing on its own.

Round gold and enamel plique-a-jour pendant with a scorpion, shown from the front.

Plique-A-Jour Scorpio Pendant

An enamel and gold pendant made in the classic plique-a-jour technique, dating back to the 1910s in France.

22k yellow gold earrings with rough cut chrysoprase drops, shown from the front.

Chrysoprase Drop Earrings

Two raw pieces of chrysoprase set in high karat gold.

A yellow gold ring with a bezel set inverted salt and pepper diamond, shown from the front.

Salt & Pepper Diamond Ring

An inverted cushion cut diamond set in a handcrafted bezel by Lola Brooks.

A yellow gold ring with sea anemone tentacles, dotted with diamonds, shown from above.

Diamond Sea Anemone Ring

A ring topped with a hand carved gold sea anemone, accented with diamonds.

A yellow gold ring with a pear shaped diamond center stone and round white diamonds dotting the band, shown from the front.

Star Droplet Diamond Ring

A rose cut, pear shaped, rustic diamond is set in a ring covered in round white diamond stars.

A pair of yellow gold branch hoops dotted with diamonds, shown from the side.

Diamond Budded Branch Hoops

A pair of handcrafted 18k yellow gold branch hoops with diamond buds.

A curved yellow gold band with nine round white diamonds, shown from the front.

Diamond Crescent Moon Band

A thick curved band with nine flush-set diamonds for some added sparkle.

A yellow gold ring with a  pale yellow opal center stone and prong setting dotted with diamonds and emeralds, shown from the front.

Mercury Opal Ring

A stunning, jelly-like, warm toned opal is set in a claw setting dotted with emeralds and diamonds.

A yellow gold ring with a pale purple opal center stone and prong settings dotted with diamonds, shown from the front.

Andromeda Opal Ring

This comet-like opal has a lavender hue and is surrounded by a coral setting dotted with diamonds.

A yellow gold necklace with a horizontal blue opal pendant and branch details in the chain, shown laying flat.

Opal Branch Necklace

An elongated cool toned opal pendant hangs from a chain with diamond and sapphire branch accents.

A trapezoid deep red opal pendant on a yellow gold chain, shown from the front.

Trapezoid Wood Opal Necklace

A flashy wood opal is set in a simple bezel setting so the stone remains the star of this necklace.

A shaggy black and white dog doll made from vintage Japanese fabric, shown standing from the side.

Shaggy Dog Doll

A posable, shaggy dog made from vintage Japanese textiles.

A textured yellow gold band with six sapphires in ombré order from white to dark blue, shown from the front.

Ombré Sapphire Textured Band

Six sapphires fading from dark blue to white in textured settings.

A yellow gold signet ring with a gray diamond on the front with a skull emerging from it, shown from the side.

Emerging Skull & Diamond Signet Ring

A hand carved skull pushes its way to the surface of a diamond on this one of a kind ring.

Low Pointed Cassat Ring

Low Pointed Cassat Ring

A slightly pointed ring, dotted with diamonds and cutouts.

Curved Diamond Crown Ring

Curved Diamond Crown Ring

A curved ring, perfect for stacking, with five diamonds along the top of the curve.

Juggler Chain Necklace

Juggler Chain Necklace

A necklace composed of solid 14k yellow gold chains connected on seven strands using sterling silver squares.

Diamond Juno Earring

Diamond Juno Earring

A bar earring made of two round and one princess cut diamond.

Pink Sapphire Faze Ring

Pink Sapphire Faze Ring

Two hands present an oval pink sapphire to anyone looking upon this ring.

Ruby Medium Basit Ring

Ruby Medium Basit Ring

A rounded brushed gold band with a single ruby set flush into it.

Oval Diamond Ring

Oval Diamond Ring

A vertical oval diamond sits at the center of four smaller round diamonds in Ruta Reifen's signature textured settings.

Three Diamond Forever Ring

Three Diamond Forever Ring

A traditional three stone diamond ring with Ruta Reifen's twist on it.

Ruby & Diamond Wrapped Ring

Ruby & Diamond Wrapped Ring

A round white diamond and a faceted ruby are held in place by one of Fraser Hamilton's signature wrapped settings.

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