Love Adorned Vintage

A long time collector of vintage jewelry herself, Love Adorned founder Lori Leven curates the vintage collection to include weird, wild, one of a kind fine jewelry from every decade.

Always hunting for the next special thing, the selection is constantly changing, and is always eclectic.

Elongated triangle earrings, shown from the front.

Elongated Triangle Earrings

Curved, long, triangular earrings with equally long ear wires to keep them balanced.

ring with brutalist love script and a diamond in the middle of the o

Brutalist Love Ring

In a brutalist style script, the word love is accented with a little diamond.

Abstract floating pearl ring, shown from the front.

Abstract Floating Pearl Ring

Mid century, modern, with a protected pearl ring in a pointed band.

White round ceramic box with a spiral shell motif on the lid, shown closed.

Vintage Ceramic Shell Box

A glorious shell-shaped ceramic box. Perfect for holding your jewelry at night.

Raw edge wood stash box, shown slightly open.

Wood Stash Box

The raw natural edge of this wood box makes it a perfect hiding spot.

Vintage metal and enamel bowl, shown from the side.

Mid Century Enamel Coated Bowl

A mid century enamel coated metal bowl that almost looks as if it was tie dyed.

Metales Casados Teardrop Ashtray

Metales Casados Teardrop Ashtray

This vintage footed dish is made of Mexican "metales casados" or mixed metals, rendered in an eye-catching geometric pattern.

Metales Casados Marquis Ashtray

Metales Casados Marquis Ashtray

This footed ashtray is made of Mexican "metales casados" or mixed metals.