gold hair clip that is long and large, to fit all the hair on ones head into it when wrapped up

Gold Metal Hair Clip

No need to keep buying those breakable plastic hair clips anymore! Reduce your carbon footprint with this sleek metal option.

a scarf laying flat that has been wrapped into a circle, with a pattern of turquoise cactus with blue and white in the background

Kapital Cactus Scarf

Long enough to wrap around the neck multiple times and lightweight enough to store in your bag once you're indoors.

a scarf laying flat that has been wrapped into a circle, with black, green and yellow color blocks and a white pattern on top

Kapital Rasta Ainu Scarf

A ruffled muffler made of compressed boiled wool, giving it stretch and a soft touch that doesn't snag.

powder coated 3 inch safety pin in your choice of color

RTH Kilt Pin

Kilt lovers, fashionistas, and the utilitarian-minded unite. These kilt pins can hold together a scarf or sweater, organize your keys or act as a connector for things needing connecting.

a group of three kilt pins each with intricate beading on the one side

Beaded Kilt Pin

RTH transforms beautifully powder coated kilt pins with Huichol beading. Perfect as a decorative pin on a hat or jacket, or for holding a scarf or sweater closed.