Mnemosoyne Notebook

Mnemosoyne Notebook

Japanese stationery band, Maruman's line of Mnemosoyne notebooks are named for the goddess of memory.

Shell Grinder

Shell Grinder

A vintage inspired, weighted grinder with a magnetic closure.

Faux Fur Muffler Scarf

Faux Fur Muffler Scarf

This ultra soft faux fur scarf is shorter, fitting like a muffler around your neck.

Puffy Trapper Hat

Puffy Trapper Hat

Sheepskin Slippers - Stone

Sheepskin Slippers - Stone

Ultra soft and comfy sheepskin slippers provide a natural temperature balance, insulating to keep feet warm, but absorbing excessive heat and moisture.

Barton Perreira Donyale Sunglasses

Barton Perreira Donyale Sunglasses

A modern take on a 70's inspired silhouette.

Barton Perreira Magdalena sunglasses, from the front.

Barton Perreira Magdalena Sunglasses

A beautiful butterfly silhouette crafted from thin acetate and titanium.

Lapis lighter, shown open.

Lapis Lighter

Hand cut lapis slab attached to a traditional Zippo. Luxurious utility, our favorite.

Black faux fur mittens

Faux Fur Mittens

A pair of incredibly soft faux fur mittens with an opening at the base of your fingers so that you can fold back the top and use your phone.

Kapital rain smile bandana in khaki green.

Kapital Rain Smile Bandana

A large smiley face smiles among a pattern that looks like it's raining. 

Kapital dragonfly bandana black.

Kapital Dragonfly Bandana

This bandana features a dragonfly pattern that sits along the neckline when folded on an angle.

Kapital garden bandana in sax blue.

Kapital Garden Bandana

This bandana combines a classic paisley pattern at its center with a two-tone floral border.

Kapital tuna dance bandana in navy blue.

Kapital Tuna Dance Bandana

A Kapital bandana framed in paisley and dotted with polka dots.

Kapital henna cube bandana in purple.

Kapital Henna Cube Bandana

This bandana features patterns from henna and lace.

Kapital navajo vineyard scarf in red, shown wrapped up.

Kapital Navajo Vineyard Scarf

A compressed wool scarf with Navajo patterns with colorful grapes.

Kapital blue, red, white, patchwork scarf, shown wrapped up.

Kapital Patchwork Quilt Scarf

A patchwork patterned scarf with triangles of red, white, and shades of blue.

Kapital ortega blanket scarf in black, red, blue, shown wrapped up.

Kapital Ortega Blanket Scarf

Kapital's signature compressed wool with an Ortega pattern.

Kapital constellation scarf in black, shown wrapped up.

Kapital Constellation Scarf

A black scarf with yellow and white constellations, accented with silver threads.

Kapital coptic leopard scarf in brown, shown wrapped up.

Kapital Leopard Scarf

A patterned scarf, unique to Kapital, combining leopard and block print.

Hand dyed periwinkle bandana with black polka dots, shown tied.

Hand Dyed Polka Dot Bandana

Hand dyed seasonally in small batches, this periwinkle bandana is a great transitional piece.

Kapital cotton ivy smiley socks in beige with green stripes.

Kapital Cotton Ivy Smiley Socks

Kapital's signature smiley socks in a cozy blend of cotton and hemp.

Kapital see-through arrow socks in brown with orange and pink.

Kapital See-Through Arrow Socks

A pair of semi see-through socks with an arrow feather motif arranged in a herringbone pattern.

Group photo of Kapital bandana heel socks in all colors.

Kapital Bandana Heel Socks

Another fan-favorite from Kapital! These socks feature a bandana motif on the heel.

Barton Perreira's Bolsha sunglasses in mocha and smokey topaz, from the front.

Barton Perreira Bolsha Sunglasses

Universally flattering, designed to fit almost every face shape.

Barton Perreira Joe 007 sunglasses with light blue acetate frames and dark gray lenses, from the front.

Barton Perreira Joe 007 Sunglasses

Barton Perreira's angular yet classic Joe sunglasses in a clear light blue, gray.

Teal green round glass pipe

Round Glass Pipe

The wide design of these hand blown glass pipes gives smoke time to cool down before reaching your lips, making for a both a smooth and visually stimulating experience as you watch the smoke pass through the chamber.

Black terry cloth bucket hat with side pocket

Terry Bucket Hat

A cool, simple terry cloth bucket hat. Made from 100% cotton terry toweling, it's soft, durable, and perfect for beach days.

Cognac amber teething necklace, shown laying flat.

Amber Teething Necklace

Made of 100% Baltic amber, a natural stone that is thought to sooth the pain that comes with teething. These child safe necklaces are kid-sized with a screw-together clasp.

Kapital amazon lily bandana in black, shown laying flat.

Kapital Amazon Lily Bandana

A traditional style bandana with a border of Amazonian lilies, inspired by those that grow in the Andes!

Kapital smiley hair tie in light blue, shown from above.

Kapital Rain Smiley Hair Tie

Kapital strikes again with their Rain Smiley, this time on a hair tie. Wear this piece to jazz up a ponytail or like a piece of jewelry on your wrist.

Kapital rockwell flower bandana in navy blue, shown laying flat.

Kapital Rockwell Flower Bandana

A traditional style bandana with a pop of red and while flowers, perfect for spring!

Kapital dolphin dance bandana laying flat.

Kapital Dolphin Dance Bandana

This bandana has paisley dolphins dancing about!

Black bandana with white polka dots, shown tied.

Polka Dot Bandana

A true Love Adorned classic. Buy them in all of the colors, you won’t regret it.

Kapital East Meets West banana in red, shown laying flat.

Kapital East Meets West Bandana

This bandana features two overlapping patterns representing the meeting of eastern and western cultures; a traditional paisley bandana and a fan-print sashiko towel.

Kapital Concho bandana in navy, shown laying flat.

Kapital Concho Bandana

A Native American inspired bandana, with pops of turquoise blue and white on a navy blue or black background.

Kapital Kachina bandana in navy, shown laying flat.

Kapital Kachina Bandana

The border of this bandana features rows of kachinas around a traditional bandana pattern.

A group of three handwoven dog collars in different sizes.

Handwoven Dog Collar

These handmade leather collars take between 2-3 days to make from braiding to assembly. Due to their handmade nature, no two collars are exactly the same.

Vintage Embroidered Patch

Vintage Embroidered Patch

Vintage embroidered patches, perfect to add to a jean jacket or tote bag.

Barton Perreira Syrinx sunglasses in black and tortoise, shown from the front.

Barton Perreira Syrinx Sunglasses

The Syrinx sunglasses in Black and Tokyo Tortoise with Smolder lenses. These thick carved frames give you the best of both worlds -- black and tortoise.

Kapital patchwork bandana, shown laying flat.

Kapital Patchwork Bandana

A bandana with a patchwork print with bits of denim and traditional bandanas 

Beige crochet market bag, shown laying flat.

Crochet Market Bag

An expandable crochet bag by French brand Filt, perfect for eco-friendly grocery shopping, or to take a towel to the beach without sand filling the bag. 

Photo of mini crochet market bag

Mini Crochet Market Bag

A mini crochet market bag by Filt, perfect for eco-friendly grocery shopping.

Kapital wool smiley socks in white

Kapital Wool Smiley Socks - White

These socks are the socks. Mid-calf and mid-weight, these versatile socks work in shoes or around the house. 

Barton Perreira Marquee sunglasses in black, shown from the front.

Barton Perreira Marquee Sunglasses

A modern twist on a classic aviator.

Kapital Yobai Bandana

Kapital Yobai Bandana

Rendered in the style of Ukiyo-e, a genre of Japanese wood block art, this bold bandana is not for the faint of heart.

silver mushroom keychain with key on it for scale

Large Magic Mushroom Keychain

Artisan made, this sterling silver keychain of a magic mushroom is perfect for your favorite psychedelic lover.

gold hair clip that is long and large, to fit all the hair on ones head into it when wrapped up

Gold Metal Hair Clip

No need to keep buying those breakable plastic hair clips anymore! Reduce your carbon footprint with this sleek metal option.

a scarf laying flat that has been wrapped into a circle, with black, green and yellow color blocks and a white pattern on top

Kapital Rasta Ainu Scarf

A ruffled muffler made of compressed boiled wool, giving it stretch and a soft touch that doesn't snag.