Black bandana with white polka dots, shown tied.

Polka Dot Bandana

A true Love Adorned classic. Buy them in all of the colors, you won’t regret it.

overview of six different offering of TTT socks, six socks lined up side by side top to toe

TTT Irezumi Socks

From the studio of Japan’s Three Tides Tattoo, these inkjet printed cotton blend socks each depict a vibrant design by an artist within the shop.

Kapital cotton ivy smiley socks in blue with orange stripes.

Kapital Cotton Ivy Smiley Socks

Kapital's signature smiley socks in a cozy blend of cotton and hemp.

Hand dyed blue socks, shown laying flat.

Hand Dyed Socks

Each pair of these socks is one of a kind, hand dyed in the high desert of California. No two pairs are exactly the same!

Sheepskin Slippers - Stone

Sheepskin Slippers - Stone

Ultra soft and comfy sheepskin slippers provide a natural temperature balance, insulating to keep feet warm, but absorbing excessive heat and moisture.

Kapital cotton smiley socks in navy

Kapital Cotton Smiley Socks - Navy

These socks are the socks. A lightweight version of everyone's go-to socks from cult-favorite brand Kapital make each day more fun with a bright yellow smiley face design on heel.

Kapital smiley dot socks in navy with neon green dots

Kapital Smiley Dot Socks - Navy

These neon-colored polka dot socks are a fun twist on the classic smiley socks from cult-favorite brand Kapital.

Kapital constellation scarf in black, shown laying flat.

Kapital Constellation Scarf

A black scarf with yellow and white constellations, accented with silver threads.

Kapital blue, red, white, patchwork scarf, shown laying flat.

Kapital Patchwork Quilt Scarf

A patchwork patterned scarf with triangles of red, white, and shades of blue.

Kapital ortega blanket scarf in black, red, blue, shown laying flat.

Kapital Ortega Blanket Scarf

Kapital's signature compressed wool with an Ortega pattern.

Kapital coptic leopard scarf in brown, shown laying flat.

Kapital Leopard Scarf

A patterned scarf, unique to Kapital, combining leopard and block print.

Photo of Kapital Damask socks

Kapital Damask Socks

Woven with a beautiful damask pattern and a swipe of purple on the back, these socks are lightweight, hit mid-calf and are comfortable in shoes or around the house.

Kapital Tiger Socks

Kapital Tiger Socks

A pair of moderately thick socks with a nepalese tiger pattern.

A pair of Kapital smiley socks in gray with neon green dots.

Kapital Smiley Dot Socks - Gray

These neon polka dot socks are a fun twist on Kapital's classic smiley socks. Low-calf, these versatile socks work in shoes or around the house.

Kapital Grandrelle Ankle Socks

Kapital Grandrelle Ankle Socks

Woven ankle socks that are perfect to wear around the house or peaking out of a pair of sneakers.

Camel colored cotton anorak with Nordic patterned fleece around the shoulders by Kapital, shown laying flat.

Kapital Nordic Fleece Anorak - Camel

A half-zip jacket made from chino material with a Nordic fleece pattern around the neck and shoulders.

Kapital Star Heel Socks

Kapital Star Heel Socks

These star heel socks are a riff on Kapital's famous smiley heels.

Kapital Skater Socks

Kapital Skater Socks

Knee high socks with Kapital's signature smiley heels.

Navy blue cotton anorak with Nordic patterned fleece around the shoulders by Kapital.

Kapital Nordic Fleece Anorak - Navy

A half-zip jacket made from chino material with a Nordic pattern fleece around the neck and shoulders.

Black Suicoke Cel-V sandals, shown from the front.

Suicoke Sandals

Japanese label Suicoke’s functional approach to footwear is characterized by these black Cel-V sandals. They feature wide practical velcro straps and sit on Vibram sole.

Black Suicoke Moto-VS sandals, shown from front.

Suicoke Sandals

Suicoke's Moto-VS slides are a nod to the label's performance based ethos. The suede slip-on sandals have an open toe and twin adjustable velcro straps.

Gray dog sweater, shown on body.

Ribbed Dog Sweater

Keep your fuzzy friend cozy in this incredibly soft sweater. There's even a special opening at the top for a leash!

Kapital navajo vineyard scarf in red, shown laying flat.

Kapital Navajo Vineyard Scarf

A compressed wool scarf with Navajo patterns with colorful grapes.

Blue Kapital anorak with blue Sashiko patterned fleece around the shoulders, laying flat.

Kapital 60/40 Sashiko Anorak

A half-zip 60/40 jacket with sashiko patterned fleece around the shoulders.

Color blocked linen tube socks in a mix of greens and orange.

Kapital Linen Color Block Socks

Warm socks in the brightest colors.

Kapital Reverse Fleece Jacket

Kapital Reverse Fleece Jacket

Made of soft, thick fleece with snaps.

Kapital Quilted Patchwork Bandana Hoodie

Kapital Quilted Patchwork Bandana Hoodie

A zip-up hooded bandana patterned sweatshirt with quilted fabric on the back.

Kapital quilted denim jacket with button closure and two front pockets, shown laying flat.

Kapital Quilted Denim Samue Jacket

A quilted denim samue jacket with a striped lining.