Bandanas, for your neck, your head, or for stylish face protection.

A black bandana with white dots clustered to make a heart pattern and a hand embroidered cat and skull at the center, shown laying flat.

Kapital Embroidered Love Cat Bandana

A bandana with a pattern of hearts and dots, hand embroidered with a cat and skull.

A button down quilted patchwork bandana jacket, shown laying flat in the black colorway.

Kapital Quilted Bandana Patchwork Jacket

A quilted bandana patchwork jacket with a satin lining. The patchwork pattern on each jacket varies.

Kapital garden bandana in sax blue.

Kapital Garden Bandana

This bandana combines a classic paisley pattern at its center with a two-tone floral border.

Kapital Quilted Patchwork Bandana Hoodie

Kapital Quilted Patchwork Bandana Hoodie

A zip-up hooded bandana patterned sweatshirt with quilted fabric on the back.

Kapital tuna dance bandana in sax blue.

Kapital Tuna Dance Bandana

A Kapital bandana framed in paisley and dotted with polka dots.

Black bandana with white polka dots, shown tied.

Polka Dot Bandana

A true Love Adorned classic. Buy them in all of the colors, you won’t regret it.

Kapital amazon lily bandana in black, shown laying flat.

Kapital Amazon Lily Bandana

A traditional style bandana with a border of Amazonian lilies, inspired by those that grow in the Andes!

Kapital Sneak Anchor Bandana

Kapital Sneak Anchor Bandana

Rendered in the style of Ukiyo-e, a genre of Japanese wood block art, this bold bandana is not for the faint of heart.

Kapital rockwell flower bandana in navy blue, shown laying flat.

Kapital Rockwell Flower Bandana

A traditional style bandana with a pop of red and while flowers, perfect for spring!

A navy blue bandana with multicolored umbrellas and red horses being splattered by rain, shown laying flat.

Kapital Horses in the Rain Bandana

A bandana with colorful umbrellas shielding horses from the rain.

Kapital Lightning Dance Cat Bandana

Kapital Lightning Dance Cat Bandana

A ghost cat smiling at you from atop one of Kapital's bandanas.

Kapital henna cube bandana in purple.

Kapital Henna Cube Bandana

This bandana features patterns from henna and lace.

Kapital East Meets West banana in red, shown laying flat.

Kapital East Meets West Bandana

This bandana features two overlapping patterns representing the meeting of eastern and western cultures; a traditional paisley bandana and a fan-print sashiko towel.

Kapital dolphin dance bandana laying flat.

Kapital Dolphin Dance Bandana

This bandana has paisley dolphins dancing about!

A colorful bucket hat made from vintage bandana patchwork fabric.

Kapital Patchwork Bandana Bucket Hat

A colorful bucket hat made from vintage bandana patchwork fabric.

laying flat bandana with peace signs and flowers

Kapital Hippie Bandana

A pretty and decorative bandana, with intricate flowers and tiny peace signs throughout the pattern. 

Kapital Bandana Crew Sweater

Kapital Bandana Crew Sweater

This crewneck sweater gives the appearance of having bandanas on your shoulders.