Considered Home

Handmade and handpicked pieces for a beautifully appointed home.

Hand Thrown Porcelain Mug

Hand Thrown Porcelain Mug

Perfectly smooth, hand thrown porcelain mugs in pastel colors.

One Cup Tea Infuser

One Cup Tea Infuser

Brewing one cup of tea at a time gives you the greatest control over the consistency of flavor.

Two black natural beeswax tusk candles, one short and wide and the other narrow and tall.

Natural Beeswax Tusk Candle

100% beeswax candles with organic hemp wicks, inspired by natural tusks.

a colorful abalone shell with a glossy finish sits on a white surface.

Abalone Shell

These naturally colorful shells have been polished to perfection both inside and out.

Group image of all sizes of the ceramic stash jars in a cluster.

Ceramic Stash Jar

These lidded canisters come in several sizes and make a lovely set or individual containers that are perfect for anything from cookies to q-tips.

Smiley Doll

Smiley Doll

A buddy to hang by your side or on a shelf, handmade from vintage textiles, always smiling.

A multicolor paper pom pom and wooden beaded hanging chandelier.

Paper Starburst Chandelier

A colorful handcrafted decorative chandelier made from strands of wooden beads and origami starbursts.

Photo of mini siena paper vase

Mini Siena Paper Vase

These innovative handcrafted flower vases pay tribute to ancient ceramics. To use, place a cup or mason jar inside, filled with flowers. Comes packaged with an envelope and note card for a fun and creative gift (perhaps to accompany some flowers).

angled front view of vetiver bowl

Medium Vetiver Bowl

Vetiver is a naturally aromatic root, with a long lasting scent. Woven into a bowl, this aesthetically pleasing piece is great for a coffee table or kitchen counter. 

flower bouquet with brown paper wrapped around it

Billy Buttons

Native to Australia, these bright little spheres of sunshine come in a bundle of approximately 15 stems.

image of coqui coqui reed diffuser - a glass bottle with wooden sticks out the top

Coqui Coqui Reed Diffuser

Coqui Coqui is inspired by the uniquely rich tropical aromas of the Yucatan Peninsula. These diffusers are beautiful atop a table or on a shelf.

Cherry wood magnetic toaster tongs.

Magnetic Toaster Tongs

Tired of burning your fingers taking things out of the toaster? Us too!

Three stoneware nerikomi brown and white striped bowl shown stacked inside one another from above.

Stoneware Nerikomi Bowl

Handmade using layers of white and brown stoneware clay, no two of these nerikomi bowls are the same!

White stoneware spoon rest shown with black spoon.

Stoneware Spoon Rest

Simplicity at its finest!

Black easy draining soap dish.

Easy Draining Soap Dish

No one likes mushy soap or a mildewy sponge. Boom, problem solved.

Handmade porcelain barnacle motif vase by Jo Boyer.

Barnacle Vase

Handmade from porcelain, these delicate vases mimic barnacles.

Mad et len black spirituelle candle measuring 3" tall and 3.25" wide. housed in a one-of-a-kind blackened iron vessel with lid askew by its side

Mad et Len Candle - Spirituelle

This popular Mad et Len candle is fresh, minty, and housed in a one-of-a-kind vessel made of blackened iron.

Window Rainbow Sun Catcher

Window Rainbow Sun Catcher

Put this up in your window, find a nice sunny corner and get cozy, then soak up some vitamin D and rainbows.

Green Happy Flowers

Green Happy Flowers

Little round bright green buds atop long skinny stems.

Textured Glass Ashtray

Textured Glass Ashtray

A heavy, softly textured clear glass ashtray.

Resin Rock Bowl

Resin Rock Bowl

A slightly asymmetrical shallow bowl made from hand poured resin.

Non-Drip Cone Candle

Non-Drip Cone Candle

These stand-alone candles drip inward so your table is safe!

Handmade porcelain coral motif vase with two openings by Jo Boyer.

Coral Double Vase

Handmade from porcelain, these vases are reminiscent of the sea and features openings.

Wood Dove Sculpture

Wood Dove Sculpture

A vintage hand carved wood dove with iron legs. A perfect pal to sit atop a desk or shelf.

Vintage Orange Glass Ashtray

Vintage Orange Glass Ashtray

A textured, heavy ashtray made from ombré red to orange glass.

Sterling Silver Mickey Mouse Mug

Sterling Silver Mickey Mouse Mug

From the 1930s, this collectible mug shows Mickey riding Horace Horsecollar.