Ceramic Stash Jar

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These lidded canisters come in several sizes and make a lovely set or individual containers that are perfect for anything from cookies to q-tips.

Handcrafted with a chunky globe lid that feels great in the hand, each jar is unique and varies slightly.

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Made of

Stoneware clay, glazed inside and out


Sizes listed are relative to the total height of the jar with its lid

Made by

Made in Los Angeles by MH Ceramics

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5in x 4in - $105

156 Main St
13 in Stock
269 Elizabeth Street
14 in Stock

6in x 5in - $145

156 Main St
7 in Stock
269 Elizabeth Street
12 in Stock

8in x 5.5in - $190

156 Main St
7 in Stock
269 Elizabeth Street
7 in Stock

9in x 6.5in - $310

156 Main St
6 in Stock
269 Elizabeth Street
7 in Stock

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