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Swirled brown and blue vase, shown from the side.

Swirled Landscape Vase

A swirled brown and blue landscape vase by Daric Harvie.

Japanese gardening shovel with wooden handle and measurements on the blade, shown from above.

Japanese Gardening Shovel

Boasting both straight and serrated edges, this weeding shovel is useful for dividing and planting new plants, removing rocks, digging out weeds and so much more.

Bundle of dried purple larkspur wrapped in brown paper.

Purple Larkspur

Purple larkspur is often mistaken for its close relative delphinium. The stems on can be trimmed to fit in shorter vases.

Bundle of dried yellow starflower wrapped in brown paper.

Yellow Starflowers

Like tiny daisies, these bright yellow starflowers have long narrow stems. 

Hand holding bundle of dried white everlasting.

White Everlasting

These joyful, delicate white flowers are members of the sunflower family.

Hand holding bundle of dried bicolor pink globe amaranths.

Bicolor Globe Amaranths

The color of these round buds fades from dark to light pink.

Bundle of dried red globe amaranths wrapped in brown paper.

Red Globe Amaranths

Bold, bright, and beautiful! These red flowers sit on narrow green stems and are easily trimmed to fit any vase.

Yellow Protea

Yellow Protea

These hearty, bright yellow flowers come with five stems per bunch.

Rose quartz plant pebbles, shown spilling out of jar.

Plant Pebbles

Use these pebbles as dressing on top of the dirt of your houseplants. Keeps the roots cool and hydrated - like jewelry for your plants!

Speckled ceramic planter shown with air plant.

Speckled Planter

These little footed planters each have a single hole in the bottom for drainage. 

Photo of large coral perforated paper vase

Large Coral Perforated Paper Vase

This vase is perforated with hundreds of small die-cuts and made with special waterproof paper. To use, place a cup or mason jar inside, filled with flowers. Comes packaged with an envelope and note card for a fun and creative gift (perhaps to accompany some flowers).

Victorinox floral knife with red handle, shown open

Floral Knife

This most simple knife is fitted with just a single sharp blade. Made by Swiss army knife company Victorinox (which has been around since 1884), it is a staple in every florist’s toolkit.

front view of pink protea flowers

Pink Protea

These hearty, pink flowers come with five stems per bunch.

image of flowers standing

Pink Starflowers

A pretty bunch of little pink flowers, sure to brighten up any home. These 'forever' flower will last forever, if treated with care.

photo of ammobium flower bundle


A member of the daisy family, these little white flowers have dark yellow centers.

front view of yellow flowers on green stems wrapped in brown paper

Yellow Cotton Flower

A bundle of soft cotton flowers, dyed yellow during the preservations process.

front view of blue vase standing

Mini Venus Paper Vase

These handcrafted flower vases are made of special water resistant paper and are shipped to you packed flat.

blue vase standing and 3d

Large Venus Paper Vase

Made of special water resistant paper, this vase is a tribute to the ancient and sophisticated art of ceramics. To use, place a cup or mason jar inside, filled with flowers. Comes packaged with an envelope and note card for a fun and creative gift (perhaps to accompany some flowers).

three brass plant sticks side by side on a white background, each one is bent into a different shape

Brass Plant Sticks

Three brass sticks, with different bent shapes. A stylish solution to help hold up and assist your plants' growth. 



Often used in aromatherapy for calming and healing, a bunch of lavender is a lovely addition both aesthetically and for its scent.

White Starflowers

White Starflowers

Like tiny daisies, these little white starflowers have narrow stems.

flower bouquet with brown paper wrapped around it

Billy Buttons

Native to Australia, these bright little spheres of sunshine come in a bundle of approximately 15 stems.

Flower Color Guide

Flower Color Guide

Created by New York floral design duo Putnam and Putnam, this book is your reference guide to 400 types of flowers, organized by color. A perfect place to start when beginning an arrangement, this is like a Pantone book for flowers.