Gemmy Necklaces

Grassy Meadow Quartz Necklace

Grassy Meadow Quartz Necklace

This quartz pendant has a garden of green tourmaline needle inclusions grown within.

Close up birds eye view of necklace with three single grey diamonds with a slit in the bottom hanging from a yellow gold chain.

Diamond Trio Necklace

A triple disc necklace on a long chain. Each disc has a single gray diamond with a slit in the bottom.

View of rose gold necklace with bar pendant and bead set natural pink diamonds and white diamond marquise dangles.

Free Set Diamond Bar Necklace

Delicate rose gold necklace features a bar pendant with bead set natural pink diamonds and white diamond marquise dangles.

gold chain with 9 emerald cut sapphires set horizontally and vertically along the chain

Brick Brigade Mixed Sapphire Necklace

A chain necklace with alternating fixed and floating bezel set sapphires. With a mix of sapphire colors this necklace is fun with a touch of elegant.

close up of hand pointing to blue sapphire on a long chain

Pointer Sapphire Necklace

An intricate sculptural hand is surrounded by wrapped yellow gold. Its finger points, directing the eye, to the small blue sapphire at the tip of the pendant.

Gold Wrapped Rose Quartz Necklace

Gold Wrapped Rose Quartz Necklace

A polished piece of rose quartz is wrapped and bound in 22k yellow gold. Hanging on a leather cord with a bead for adjusting the length.

22k yellow gold pendant with arrowhead, tourmaline, coral, and pre-columbian elements by Lou Zeldis on black cord, shown hanging.

Gold Wrapped Six Drop Necklace

Six pieces of beautiful raw elements are wrapped and bound in 22k yellow gold, hanging on an adjustable black cord.

close up front view of double drop pearl necklace filled with diamonds

Double Drop Pearl Necklace

Two Tahitian pearls are carved to create space for diamonds to sit.

Ombre rainbow of red sapphires set on a curved pendant with granules of gold setting each stone hanging from a yellow gold chain necklace

Pink Sapphire Curve Necklace

An ombré rainbow of sapphires are set on a curved pendant. With granules of gold setting each stone, the texture reflects light, making the little necklace really pop.

Close up straight on view of hollowed out souffle pearl with interior lined with shards of ruby with a pave diamond bail connecting the pendant to a white gold chain.

Ruby Grotto Necklace

Inspired by the beauty of natural geodes, this 'grotto' necklace was created with a hollowed out soufflé pearl and 19 carats of rubies.

18k yellow gold necklace with pink sapphire and opal starburst pendant by Kimberlin Brown, shown hanging.

Starburst Necklace

A starburst pendant filled with pink sapphires with opal accents.

rough diamond bar hanging from a thin yellow gold chain

Rough Diamond Cobblestone Necklace

14K yellow gold bar necklace with cast in place rough diamonds. The short length allows the bar to sit right in the collar bone, and is easy to layer with longer pieces. Recycled 14K yellow gold Three rough sapphires (10 x 4mm) Chain-14" Handmade in New York

Pyrite Included Quartz Necklace

Pyrite Included Quartz Necklace

This special quartz, wrapped in Lola Brooks' signature yellow gold setting, has pyrite inclusions that sparkle in the light.

Mosaic Sapphire Letter Pendant

Mosaic Sapphire Letter Pendant

Made up of a mosaic of free form sapphires, these letter pendants are the perfect way to wear your own letter or the letter of a loved one.

Mini Cobblestone Necklace with Sapphires

Mini Cobblestone Necklace with Sapphires

Yellow gold chain necklace with bar set with rough sapphires. Each piece will vary in appearance.

Close up view of a large freshwater souffle pearl carved out and lined with ombre pink sapphires on a pendant with seed pearl accents and a pave diamonds.

Ombré Sapphire Pearl Geode Necklace

A large freshwater soufflé pearl is carved out and lined with ombre pink sapphires for a stunning pendant.

close up front view of oval diamond pendant with sharp inclusions of red, brown and white. bezel set in yellow gold and hanging on a thin yellow gold chain.

Champagne Diamond Necklace

This rosy colored champagne diamond holds light in its depths. Hanging from a classic gold chain, its oval setting alludes to the mysteries of a Victorian-era locket.

close up of organic pendant with three diamonds set into it

Organic Diamond Necklace

A round yellow gold disc with cast in place white diamonds.