A round ceramic platter with raised edges and a hand glazed design on the interior, shown from above.

Zigzag Serving Platter

A round ceramic platter with raised edges and a hand glazed design on the interior.

A shallow, pale blue bowl; useable as a serving dish or a pie dish, shown from the front.

Stoneware Pinched Edge Dish

A shallow, pale blue bowl; useable as a serving dish or a pie dish.

A pair of hand stitched oven mitts; one blue and one ivory.

Hand Quilted Oven Mitt

A beautifully made patchwork oven mitt with contrasting stitching.

A round ceramic jar with a minty blue glaze and a textured lid, shown with its lid off.

Mint Ceramic Stash Box

A round ceramic jar with a minty blue glaze and a textured lid.

A yellow stoneware serving bowl with a smaller bowl inside for dip, shown from the side.

Chip & Dip Serving Bowl

A yellow stoneware serving bowl with a smaller bowl inside for your favorite dip.

A vintage pitcher in shades of lavender and blue, shown from the side.

Textured Ceramic Pitcher

A vintage pitcher in shades of lavender and blue.

A pale green glazed casserole dish with an opening in the lid for a spoon, shown from the front.

Muted Green Covered Dish

A classic casserole dish with subtle texture and a muted green glaze.

A round brown and blue ceramic casserole dish with a stem handle, shown from the front.

Stem Handle Covered Dish

A lidded ceramic dish with a winding stem-like handle.

A round brown stoneware casserole dish with dark brown and purple splatter glaze, shown from the front.

Splatter Glaze Covered Dish

A large round stoneware casserole dish with vibrant purple and dark brown glaze.

A round teal blue and white resin platter with a round indentation, shown from the side.

Resin Moon Platter

A hand poured resin platter with a round indentation to hold your favorite dip.

Four glass shot glasses in shades of pink, orange, and yellow.

Hot Shot Glasses

A set of four hand blown shot glasses in shades of pink, orange, and yellow.

A group of three spouted glass pouring bowls; one large blue, one large green, and one small marigold.

Glass Spouted Pouring Bowls

Hand blown glass spouted pouring bowls in lively colors.

A stoneware bowl with a linear sun design on the interior, shown from above.

Stoneware Sunburst Bowl

A vintage brown, cream, and blue stoneware bowl with a sun ray pattern.

A close up of a pink and gray striped nerikomi stoneware bowl.

Pink Stoneware Nerikomi Bowl

A handmade bowl made of layers of white, gray, and pink stoneware clay. No two of these bowls is the same!

A stoneware salad bowl with a raw exterior and white glazed interior, shown from the side.

Stoneware Salad Bowl

Designed tall instead of wide, this bowl is both light weight and spacious.

Stoneware Nesting Bowls

Stoneware Nesting Bowls

A set of five bowls with a white speckled interior in a range of sizes, perfect for all of your food prep and serving needs.

Perforated Tongs

Perforated Tongs

Japanese stainless steel tongs with holes at the ends; super easy to grab with. Lori's favorite kitchen utensil!

Hand Thrown Porcelain Mug

Hand Thrown Porcelain Mug

Perfectly smooth, hand thrown porcelain mugs in pastel colors.

One Cup Tea Infuser

One Cup Tea Infuser

Brewing one cup of tea at a time gives you the greatest control over the consistency of flavor.

Flow Spice Dish

Flow Spice Dish

A small resin dish, perfect for salt or to hold jewelry on a bedside table.

Large Rock Jug

Large Rock Jug

Hand poured resin jug, perfect for serving drinks or as a vase.

Japanese Shukin gauze hand towel, half blue and half gray.

Shukin Gauze Towel

A fast drying, Japanese cotton gauze face towel. Perfect for use while traveling.

English Matchbox

English Matchbox

The matches in these fun, beautiful matchboxes are made from wood harvested from responsibly managed forests.

Murano Glass Cup

Murano Glass Cup

These magnificent glasses are hand blown in Italy; made with colored minerals, murrine, silver leaf and filigree.

Jar of Hatch Green Chile Salt, shown from the front.

Hatch Green Chile Salt

Perfect for a cocktail rim, grilled meat, fish, roasted veggies, eggs, or as a dry rub. Add a pinch to elevate any dish.

White stoneware spoon rest shown with black spoon.

Stoneware Spoon Rest

Simplicity at its finest!

Blue stoneware salad dresser, shown from the side.

Stoneware Salad Dresser

A beautiful stoneware bowl, with a spout. Perfect for mixing and pouring salad dressings or sauces.

Group image of all sizes of the ceramic stash jars in a cluster.

Ivory Ceramic Stash Jar

These lidded canisters come in several sizes and make a lovely set or individual containers that are perfect for anything from cookies to q-tips.

Cotton Tea Towels

Cotton Tea Towels

These tea towels were designed with beauty and durability in mind.

Cherry wood pot strainer

Wooden Pot Strainer

Over the last few years Lori has successfully created a plastic-free kitchen. This fantastic tool simplifies strainer water from your pasta and veggies. No colander required.

Cherry wood magnetic toaster tongs.

Magnetic Toaster Tongs

Tired of burning your fingers taking things out of the toaster? Us too!

Large white stoneware berry bowl

Stoneware Berry Bowl

A stoneware bowl, with holes throughout. Meant to be used for berries or other fruit.

Black easy draining soap dish.

Easy Draining Soap Dish

No one likes mushy soap or a mildewy sponge. Boom, problem solved.

Cherry wood salad set.

Wood Salad Set

Each set is hand crafted with a left and a right piece. 

above view of dark wood measuring spoons side by side with the writing etched into the handles

Teak Wood Measuring Spoons

Made of smooth dark teak wood this set of measuring spoons is beautiful and functional. These will look nice hanging on a wall and 

overhead view of the utensils stacked next to the silicone case

Portable Utensil Set

This “on the go” steel utensil set stays safe in a silicone case. It makes it way less of a thing when Seamless forgets to add utensils.

view of white tray with sprinkle dots on it

Speckled Large Ice Cube Tray

This tray makes larger cubes that melt slower, keeping your drink colder, longer.

Sphere Ice Tray

Sphere Ice Tray

This ice tray makes 4 perfect sphere cubes, an impressive twist on a traditional whiskey cube.

A group of three stone match strikers, shown with matches.

Stone Match Striker

A natural stone with a drilled hold on top, flattened on the bottom, and filled with Strike Anywhere matches.