New York Adorned

All jewelry shown here is 'body jewelry,' and may require multiple pieces to complete a full set up. Please note that everything is sold separately and is considered final sale.

If you're unsure if a piece will fit your anatomy, or what size you may need, please contact us at


New Arrivals

New items, just added to the website


Constant Companion Jewelry

One of Lori's long standing philosophies about wearing jewelry is the everyday wear or constant companion jewelry. The pieces that you never take off.
Vintage Jewelry

Love Adorned Vintage

A long time collector of vintage jewelry herself, Love Adorned founder Lori Leven curates the vintage collection to include weird, wild, one of a kind fine jewelry from every decade.

Always hunting for the next special thing, the selection is constantly changing, and is always eclectic.



Bandanas, for your neck, your head, or for stylish face protection.


Sold Separately

Mix your own magic with our single earring roundup.


Considered Home

Handmade and handpicked pieces for a beautifully appointed home.


Men's Jewelry

New and vintage jewelry for the Modern Man

Love Forever Flower Shop

Forever flowers for your forever love. Dried and rehydrated flower bouquets that last forever. No water needed.